Chapter 95 - City Surveillance System and Food Stamps
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 95 - City Surveillance System and Food Stamps

After Lysfer left, Louie lay quietly on his golden heap. Rather than sleep, however, he was in deep thought over his next course of action.

A trip back to Earth was already necessary. While there was still enough food to satisfy the population, he needed more supplies to continue the city’s development.

‘But transportation will be difficult…’

Louie now desperately needed the spatial equipment that many spoke of. Preferably one that could allow him to put in tens and even hundreds of thousands of tons of items.

The supplies that he required could no longer be found at sea. He now needed to explore developed countries.

The problem was that spatial equipment of the required size was of divine class. These were things that even Gods couldn’t easily recreate, making them impossibly difficult to obtain.

‘And in order to find the energy source to stimulate my growth, I would have to cause more trouble on Earth. It is very likely that some country has already found them and collected them. Trying to find them with just ordinary means is going to be very difficult… Moreover, since I have already created appearances of a dragon and Cthulhu on Eart, I can’t just stop now.’

‘But to cause more trouble on Earth, I would need more complex and varied spells, which simply aren’t easy to learn in an instant…’

‘Forget it. There is always a solution to a problem. Since I have to go back to Earth no matter what, I should wait until the army recruitment finishes. Once the military training gets on the right track, I’ll go back to Earth once more! After I bring back a lot of wasabi, I can develop the bare bones of the magic legion. Dragon City is currently safe, but I’m afraid it won’t take long for outside forces to understand my real situation. Once that happens, the real danger will certainly appear.’

‘Even true Gods can fall. People won’t take me lightly once I transform into a demigod dragon, but I shouldn't lower my guard. I can’t relax just because of the current stability. If the humans gather enough powerhouses, they can definit

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