Chapter 96 - Listen to God’s Command!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 96 - Listen to God’s Command!

“Listen to God’s command and you can win the war!”

--- 《The Dragon God’s Quotes》


The tavern was silent in the dim twilight.

In the past, when Dragon City was still Central City, many adventurers could be seen gathering in it, drinking poor quality alcohol, bragging to each other, buying anything they wanted to enjoy, and living a day-to-day life of licking blood off from their knives.

There were no stories of entering the mysterious forest nor of defeating dragons and obtaining countless treasures. Those were only tales that came out of bards’ mouths. Even if these stories truly happened, they could only be completed by those powerful high-ranking adventurers.

Only low-ranking adventurers gathered in taverns like these. Being able to obtain supplies in exchange for money and goods to keep themselves alive was already enough of an adventure. They had never considered extravagant things before.

Central City used to be part of the Theocracy, but the Adventurer’s Guild also existed. When Louie attacked the city, those adventurers either ran away or were killed. Even the guild’s staff and officials fled.

Had the besieger been another human army or beastmen, then the Adventurer’s Guild would likely not have packed up shop so hastily. But when it was revealed that the attacker was a dragon, no one who could escape chose to stay.

Now that Louie had been the city lord for two months already, other forces had begun to review their stances. Nonetheless, none dared to establish communications with him for the moment. This gave him some breathing room. He would use this opportunity to set Dragon City’s internal affairs straight.

All the same, he knew that the current peace was only transitory.

Without any adventurers, the tavern seemed very quiet, giving it the same feel as a silent bar. Although it made people relax, it was also less fun.

For civilizations similar to the Middle Ages, there weren’t many sources of entertainment. Nighttime activities between men and women were pretty much all the commoners could look forward to. The nobles might have had a bit more variety, but there wasn't much they could entertain themselves with either.

Wyatt took a sip of the poor quality ale. It was difficult to drink, but this was the greatest luxury that most people in the world could enjoy.

Being able to drink a mouthful of it was already enough to make many poor people envious. The price of a cup was equivalent to the price of a loaf of black bread, which was barely a meal for a family of four.

After putting down the cup, Wyatt looked at the two burning candles. Oil lamps were too expensive for the average family. For a tavern, this was already extravagant, as candles were also difficult to procure. The majority of the population didn’t even have lights when they got home at night.

“The city lord is currently recruiting soldiers.”

Wyatt whispered to the tavern owner.

“Are you going to enlist?”

The boss was also bored just wiping glasses back and forth, so he asked casually.

“Of course, I’m going to enlist… The lord is extremely generous. Although soldiers can’t go home as much, they receive twice the food stamps and money compared to general workers. It’s enough for a family to live a good life. If you sacrifice your life for the lord, he even promises to give a compensation payment to your family. I am already very thankful that our lives are at least worth some money.”

Wyatt laughed to himself.

“You know, my father is already dead. In order to raise me and my brother, my mother desperately worked odd jobs and has fallen ill. My brother is too young to work, so only I can support my family.”

“In fact, we never really cared who the lord of the city was, and as long as we could survive, we were satisfied… I still can’t believe I got to eat that soft white bread two months ago and even ate it for an entire two months. This was something I had always fantasized eating before, but would never be able to.”

Listening to Wyatt’s sigh, the boss also gulped down, as if the nostalgic taste was still in his mouth. Although he was a small tavern owner, his life was a little better than the average civilian when the Theocracy was in control of Central City, but the harsh taxes and the costs of running a tavern had left him with little extra savings. That said, he was still able to buy white bread, but he could only enjoy them on holidays.

Recently, everyone has started to look for new jobs. The lord no longer needs that many people to build houses. At that time, many people panicked, thinking that they would return to their past miserable lives… Fortunately, the lord is benevolent. He is still willing to give us his mercy. He sold that refined wheat at prices so low that many still can't believe it.”

“Although there are food stamps and a limit on the amount purchased, we should know how to be grateful to the wonderful food that is given to us by the lord. It’s already good to have something to eat. We shouldn’t be greedy.”

Wyatt sounded a little excited. He lowered his head and closed his eyes like a devout believer before giving thanks, “Praise the dragon!”

The boss also lowered his head and closed his eyes, “Praise the dragon!”

“We should all cherish this life. Many young people wanted to sign up after hearing of the lord’s draft. Nobody wants to return to those miserable days when starving to death was the norm… We must protect what we have now with our own hands!”

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After finishing the last sip, Wyatt stood up and said, “Well, I’ll be leaving first. I need to keep up my spirits for tomorrow’s test. The lord likes cleanliness, so I’ll take a bath once I get home.”

He pulled on his own washed tattered clothes.

“Good luck, Wyatt.” The tavern owner said.

“Of course, I’ll work hard… If I really become a soldier of Dragon City, I might not have many chances to look after your business anymore.”

The boss smiled and said, “Then, I’ll give you a discount.”

Wyatt laughed and pushed open the dilapidated wooden doors to leave.

The same thing happened in many corners of Dragon City.

Seeing this, Louie felt satisfied. The pleasure of changing other people’s fate made him exceptionally delighted. Even the godhood within him seemed to tremble in response.


The next day many people gathered at a large open space at the edge of the city, which had been set up as a military exclusion zone. Civilian entry had been restricted as the place became the training ground for the new army.

Thousands of people had gathered, ready to accept the test.

Fences surrounded the empty field with many words written in the common language, but the vast majority of the civilians were illiterate. Special personnel had come to tell them the meaning of these words.

“You must be loyal to the people of Dragon City, loyal to Dragon City, and loyal to the great lord!”

“The guidance of the lord is our everlasting light!”


These heartfelt slogans made the people a bit confused, but when they heard that they were engraved at the lord’s request, excitement began to burn within them, and they stood at attention!

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