Chapter 93 - Ideological Education
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 93 - Ideological Education

“Clean this place up and take her down to rest. After that, let her visit her own people. She likely needs to see them with her own eyes before she can feel at ease.”

After he had ‘finished’, Louie currently bore the air of an enlightened sage. He looked at Lysfer who lay on the garden floor, gasping for breath. He slowly stood up and made for the main hall. After taking two steps away he stopped and spoke, “Have Clooney come here.”

“Yes, milord!”

The elven maids knelt on the ground as they responded. Some followed Louie to the main hall, some carried Lysfer and took her to the bedroom in the side hall to rest, some quickly brought mops and other items to clean up the traces of the act, and the remainder went to convey Louie’s instructions.

These elves had been in Louie’s service for more than a month now and had already allocated their duties. Although Louie did not know their specific names, he felt it was enough for him to know their faces and that they belonged to him.

The young dragon continued lying on the gold mountain. Not long after, the sound of footsteps echoed in the empty hall. A young man was led in by the elves and somewhat cautiously arrived at the center of the hall. He immediately kneeled down.

The young man was wearing simple clerical robes. But the strange thing about them was how he lacked any insignia belonging to any God.

This young man was the young priest who had warned the archbishop when Louie attacked the city. The higher-ups of the Theocracy in this city had run away while some of the priests were unlucky and captured. Louie allowed them to live and serve him as slaves in order to atone for their 'sins'.

Louie did not care about this young man’s loyalty. It was enough that he could work. Absolute unconditional loyalty was a myth anyway, and any appearance of it simply had to be matched with the right price. Louie believed that as long as he maintained absolute power, absolute majesty, and absolute justice, no one would dare betray him.

“Clooney, what is the progress on the task I gave you?” Louie’s gaze bore through the young man, filling him with a sense of dread.

At Louie’s side, were several elven noble maidens kneeling on the ground. Despite their beauty, Clooney did not dare raise his head to peek at them. Drenched in sweat he began, with a quavering voice, “Milord, the task you assigned me is almost completed.”

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