Chapter 92 - Chocolate!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 92 - Chocolate!

Hearing Louie’s orders, the elves quickly dispersed to get the required items.

“But… Rather than honey, chocolate suits you far better!” Louie looked at Lysfer while sighing internally.

He, unfortunately, did not have much chocolate sauce now...

He gazed at the wolf girl and spoke leisurely, “You should know what’s going to happen next.”

“Of course, Lord Galakrond. I have already prepared myself for this.”

Lysfer raised her head without hesitation. She had the resolute bearing of a brave warrior currently in captivity. Torture might await her but she was prepared to face it head on.

Louie felt that this mix of stubbornness and trepidation was quite to his liking. If the other party was too submissive, it wouldn’t be as interesting to him. But if they resisted too much, then it would distract him. This seemingly willing yet hesitant contradiction was a pleasant mix of both.

“Do you have experience with these matters?” Louie asked once more. His eyes ran over her toned naked form.

“I have no interest in weak people. I am only willing to submit to strong people like Lord Galakrond. In the past, I was addicted to killing and never found someone to my liking…” Lysfer coldly frowned.

“Very well, Lysfer. Remember this. I am a greedy dragon. I will not allow my things to be touched by anyone. While you are here, everything of yours belongs to me. No one else can touch you, do you understand?”

Louie slightly blushed with shame. Beastmen truly lived up to their name with their way of thinking.

“Understood, milord! I have already prepared myself!”

Lysfer, who had already been engraved with a magical imprint, did not refuse him. It wasn’t that she had never felt excited in the past, but that she quelled those feelings with slaughter. Even now she could still do so. Of course, if the great Lord Galakrond was willing to settle it for her, she was certainly willing to acquiesce.

Lysfer let out a wild smile as she thought of this.

Louie was undeniably a demigod. Being able to sleep with a demigod could only be counted as a positiv

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