Chapter 92 - Chocolate!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 92 - Chocolate!

Hearing Louie’s orders, the elves quickly dispersed to get the required items.

“But… Rather than honey, chocolate suits you far better!” Louie looked at Lysfer while sighing internally.

He, unfortunately, did not have much chocolate sauce now...

He gazed at the wolf girl and spoke leisurely, “You should know what’s going to happen next.”

“Of course, Lord Galakrond. I have already prepared myself for this.”

Lysfer raised her head without hesitation. She had the resolute bearing of a brave warrior currently in captivity. Torture might await her but she was prepared to face it head on.

Louie felt that this mix of stubbornness and trepidation was quite to his liking. If the other party was too submissive, it wouldn’t be as interesting to him. But if they resisted too much, then it would distract him. This seemingly willing yet hesitant contradiction was a pleasant mix of both.

“Do you have experience with these matters?” Louie asked once more. His eyes ran over her toned naked form.

“I have no interest in weak people. I am only willing to submit to strong people like Lord Galakrond. In the past, I was addicted to killing and never found someone to my liking…” Lysfer coldly frowned.

“Very well, Lysfer. Remember this. I am a greedy dragon. I will not allow my things to be touched by anyone. While you are here, everything of yours belongs to me. No one else can touch you, do you understand?”

Louie slightly blushed with shame. Beastmen truly lived up to their name with their way of thinking.

“Understood, milord! I have already prepared myself!”

Lysfer, who had already been engraved with a magical imprint, did not refuse him. It wasn’t that she had never felt excited in the past, but that she quelled those feelings with slaughter. Even now she could still do so. Of course, if the great Lord Galakrond was willing to settle it for her, she was certainly willing to acquiesce.

Lysfer let out a wild smile as she thought of this.

Louie was undeniably a demigod. Being able to sleep with a demigod could only be counted as a positive for her given her position.

“Go wash her with honey, and then you know what to do, elves!”

Louie moved his claws. The elves who already had a tacit understanding quickly came and took Lysfer away.

‘This is authority! This is power! What an addicting thing!’

Louie watched the wolf girl go away.

He suddenly felt glad that he came to a world of swords and magic. If he was sent to a world of immortal cultivation, then people like himself would not be able to cultivate the orthodox path. Perhaps it would suit him better to be born as a devil or a demonic cultivator in that kind of world.


Outside the city, an elf jogged over to the elven army guarding the beastmen.

“The lord said to bring these beastmen to the junction between the noble and civilian districts and assign them houses to live in. And this is a handwritten letter from their chief!”

He read Louie’s orders while handing the parchment to the bear brothers.

The leader of the elves had a solemn face and shouted to the other guards, “Split up into a few teams and bring these beastmen over. The rest of you, return to your stations!”

“Yes, captain!”

The elven guards quickly reacted.

The captain frowned at the smell of these long-distance travelers. He did not know how long they hadn't bathed for and thought about how they are about to live close to his people. He continued, “When you reach the place, make sure they take a good shower. Do not let them defile the lord's city!”

On the other side, the bear brothers looked at the words in beastmen language on the parchment and nodded to each other, “These are indeed Her Highness’ words. She said that we should listen to their orders and they would have a place for us.”

The bear brothers discussed. Other than Lysfer, these two were the strongest among them. They had both reached the seventh rank. When Lysfer wasn’t present, they were naturally in command.

After obtaining Lysfer’s instruction, the bear brothers did not resist. Under the vigilant watch of the elves, they walked through the gates of the city and onto the spacious road towards the place they would settle.

Thousands of beastmen walking through the city became a magnificent sight. Many people who were working put down their work and came to watch by the roadside. They watched the beastmen walk towards the upper end of the city under the watch of the elven guards.

“This is the first time I’ve seen so many beastmen. I heard that the only time you could see so many is on battlefields where hundreds and thousands of them charge at you.”

“Why are these beastmen here? Could it be that they wanted to invade Dragon City?”

Someone raised a question with a voice full of anger. They worked so hard to achieve their current life of peace and prosperity. They were not willing to go to the past when they had to weigh how much they could eat per day.

If these beastmen were not being watched by the elven guards, some people would perhaps be throwing stones already.

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“That shouldn’t be the case. It’s impossible for so few of them to attack Dragon City. Based on the rags that they are wearing, they should be refugees.”

“Wow, look at those cat girls and those fox girls. So pretty. I hear that nobles like them.”

“But, I don’t think they are as pretty as elves…”

The commoners of Dragon City stood on the roadside and pointed as if they were watching circus animals. They didn’t fear the beastmen and even inwardly developed a sense of pride as citizens of Dragon City.

“But these beastmen really stink. I hope they don’t make the city dirty again.”

Someone covered their nose and muttered, then with the shout of a supervisor, everyone slowly dispersed and went back to work.

The beastmen only apathetically followed behind the elves. They did not care about being pointed at by the humans. At this moment, they just wanted a place to take a good sleep to the point that even a stable was good enough. If they could eat some food and drink a mouthful of water, it would be even better.

Right now at the city lord’s house, their chief’s face was slightly pale. Her eyelashes trembled due to pain, and her eyes rolled back showing only their whites.

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