Chapter 91 - Beastman For Afternoon Dessert!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 91 - Beastman For Afternoon Dessert!

The cold spring water trickled down Lysfer’s firm skin, causing her to tremble for a moment, but soon she adapted and sank into the soothing bath.

“Lady Lysfer, your body is truly quite beautiful,” The elf who was cleaning her body spoke with unconcealed envy.

Although these elven maids also had excellent bodies, their slender forms had a marked contrast to Lysfer’s vigorous and toned physique, much like the difference between naturally thin ladies and those who worked out at the gym.

Although the elven maids were envious, they knew that they could not be the same. A ninth rank powerhouse was close to legendary rank in power. Among the million-strong elven population, there weren’t many like them.

The corner of Lysfer’s mouth raised up, revealing a mouth full of white teeth. Keeping silent, she allowed the elven maids to take off her ragged clothes for her and rinse off the dust from her body.

Although the relationship between elves and beastmen wasn’t very good, it was the instinct of all creatures to revere those that were strong. Thus these elven maids were willing to help Lysfer.

Suddenly, Lysfer’s stomach growled loudly. Her confident smile broke into an embarrassed one, and she sheepishly asked, “Umm… I haven’t eaten properly for a while. Can I have a meal first?”

The elven maids were stunned, but then they broke into laughter, “Lady Lysfer, please come with us.”

Embarrassed, Lysfer followed her guides. She did not bother to put on any clothes, and soon they arrived at another open space. A grill had been prepared.

“The great Lord Galakrond is a demigod. He does not need to eat, but he occasionally asks us to cook some meat for him.”

An elf explained to which Lysfer nodded.

The elves divided up the work. After lighting up the grill, they placed the prepared meat on the griller. From their skilled movements, it was clear that they had done this many times.

An aroma filled the air as the fat on the meat crackled and popped. Afterward, Lysfer saw an elf carefully take out a small delicate jar with some kind of p

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