Chapter 90 - More Animal-eared Maidens!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 90 - More Animal-eared Maidens!

Lysfer followed the elven attendants to the back of the city lord’s house. There she saw a beautiful garden.

It was the zenith of summer, and the garden’s flowers were in full bloom. At the center of the garden was a pool built from white marble. Leading into it was a rivulet that trickled down from the mountain’s peak.

There were no pathways or walkways within the garden. Its owner was a dragon after all, and it needed the space.

Lysfer’s ears twitched instinctively. She looked around the surroundings and briefly guessed her new master’s hobbies.

An elven maid walked up behind her and explained, “The water is melted from the whitest snow in the San Soliel Mountain Range. It is a little cold, but very clear and perfectly suited for direct drinking. The flowers here as well as those in the public parks are tended to by druids who cast preservation spells every three days.”

The maid continued, “The lord has laid down many laws. The flowers in the park cannot be picked by anyone except the druids. The trees planted in the city can also not be cut down by anyone. Punishments for violators range from light fines to heavy flogging. Although the law is a bit hard, the elves, especially the druids, have great respect for the lord. They even think that other city lords should learn from him.”

Lysfer calmly listened to the maid’s explanation and quickly surmised her identity, ‘How naive. This girl is probably one of those sheltered elven nobles.’

As a former chief candidate of the Blood Blade Clan, Lysfer was one of the smarter people among the beastmen. She had clear managerial talents at her disposal. And if she had become the chief of the Blood Blade Clan, she would have rivaled any human lord in status. Had she gone on to become a great chieftain, then she would match a human emperor.

‘What kind of city is Dragon City,’” she wondered aloud. The corners of her mouth rose as she released a bit of bloodthirst. In front of Sisna, she wouldn’t have been able to do anything, but these maids would be much easier to probe for in

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