Chapter 90 - More Animal-eared Maidens!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 90 - More Animal-eared Maidens!

Lysfer followed the elven attendants to the back of the city lord’s house. There she saw a beautiful garden.

It was the zenith of summer, and the garden’s flowers were in full bloom. At the center of the garden was a pool built from white marble. Leading into it was a rivulet that trickled down from the mountain’s peak.

There were no pathways or walkways within the garden. Its owner was a dragon after all, and it needed the space.

Lysfer’s ears twitched instinctively. She looked around the surroundings and briefly guessed her new master’s hobbies.

An elven maid walked up behind her and explained, “The water is melted from the whitest snow in the San Soliel Mountain Range. It is a little cold, but very clear and perfectly suited for direct drinking. The flowers here as well as those in the public parks are tended to by druids who cast preservation spells every three days.”

The maid continued, “The lord has laid down many laws. The flowers in the park cannot be picked by anyone except the druids. The trees planted in the city can also not be cut down by anyone. Punishments for violators range from light fines to heavy flogging. Although the law is a bit hard, the elves, especially the druids, have great respect for the lord. They even think that other city lords should learn from him.”

Lysfer calmly listened to the maid’s explanation and quickly surmised her identity, ‘How naive. This girl is probably one of those sheltered elven nobles.’

As a former chief candidate of the Blood Blade Clan, Lysfer was one of the smarter people among the beastmen. She had clear managerial talents at her disposal. And if she had become the chief of the Blood Blade Clan, she would have rivaled any human lord in status. Had she gone on to become a great chieftain, then she would match a human emperor.

‘What kind of city is Dragon City,’” she wondered aloud. The corners of her mouth rose as she released a bit of bloodthirst. In front of Sisna, she wouldn’t have been able to do anything, but these maids would be much easier to probe for information.

As it would be her and her people’s new area of residence, she needed to learn as much about it as she could.

“What kind of city is this, you ask? I… I’m also not sure how to explain it…”

The elf girl hesitated for a moment before answering awkwardly, “Th-this place is not as beautiful as the Silver Moon Kingdom. It doesn’t have endless woods and flowers, but… but there is a kind of indescribable beauty to it… Mo-moreover, the food here is very good. In any case, I don’t really know much. I haven’t been to the city that much. You should go take a look for yourself.”

Saying this, the beautiful elf’s face was filled with embarrassment as her pointed ears went red.

Lysfer sighed lightly. She found that these elves were young girls who did not know much about the real world. They were probably taking care of the lord’s everyday needs and didn’t think of anything else. This was indeed in accordance with people’s impression of them. They were happy and laid-back people who only focused on their duties.

“Then, what is Lord Galakrond like?”

Lysfer changed the subject, thinking that the elves should know a lot since they spent every day with the dragon.

She clearly understood her current identity. She was now the dragon’s slave. No matter how noble her previous identity was, she had to throw it all away and serve the dragon, whether it was for her own sake or for her people’s.

So, Lysfer had to lower herself, suppress her wild nature, and ask as gently as possible.

If it was before, she would never have any interest in these noble maidens. Their bodies were too thin and possessed little strength. Even the fox girls who were known for their beauty were much more powerful than them. To the beastmen, they were very unlikable.

If they were caught by the beastmen, they would either be sold to humans or be ransomed for money from the elves. That way, the beastmen could gain useful resources.

The elves had probably never seen such a wild and aggressive woman, so they looked a little red and bowed their heads, “Initially we were afraid of the lord, but after spending time together, we found out that the lord is an extremely wise, far-sighted, and powerful demigod primordial dragon with big dreams to match.”

“His knowledge is as vast as the endless seas in the south. No matter what doubts we have, he can answer them. He is completely different from the dragons described in the books of the Silver Moon Kingdom, and also… the lord is very wealthy.”

The elf’s tone was full of worship. Lysfer also agreed to the elf’s praises. Based on the calmness and wisdom that the dragon displayed before her, she understood how terrifying the demigod dragon was.


The elves suddenly squirmed. They looked around the surroundings in a flustered and shyly said, “The lord is a bit… a bit bad… his thing is too vigorous; to the point that we are overwhelmed sometimes…”

After saying this, the elves acted like startled deers and almost ran away.

They were a group of unmarried elven girls, but now they had to serve a terrifying dragon. They also understood that they have to meet their master’s needs as maids.

Lysfer did not think much of this. Even she had already prepared herself to be the target of his venting.

Dragons were obscene in nature. The females of the race were better as they would only go into heat when they encountered beings stronger than them, but males were different. They would go into heat against all female creatures.

Let alone dragons, even powerful human nobles and strong beastmen had the qualifications to enjoy themselves. Some powerful females would also raise a bunch of handsome men to vent their sexual frustrations. This was very normal.

The only thing she had in common with female dragons was their disinterest in weak male creatures.

Lysfer felt that the dragon’s liking for her was good news. She recalled the gold and jewels she saw in the hall and understood that the great demigod dragon was similar to other dragons in terms of hobbies. It also liked treasures and beautiful female creatures. That meant that she could adapt to his tastes.

Lysfer knew that fox girls, cat girls, and even wolf girls were sought after as slaves in human countries, let alone those with noble bloodlines.

Perhaps she could capture women of these clans as slaves when she got an opportunity in the future, and give them to the dragon, so as to bring better treatment to her own people.

Although the beastmen had set up a country, their own clans were still much more important to them. They would conquer other clans and turn them into slaves. Some would even sell those slaves to human countries to gain important supplies. This was the normal behavior of the beastmen. Humans were also the same in that matter. They would also catch other humans, turn them into slaves, and sell them to others.

The only time the beastmen would unite was the time their great chieftain called for them to fight together against other races.

“Miss Lysfer, please take a bath first. Lord Galakrond likes cleanliness.”

An elf suggested while looking at the bloodstained body of the wolf girl.

Lysfer readily agreed. She was quite fond of bathing. Even if she was a beastman, she treasured hygiene.

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