Chapter 89 - I Have a Dream!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 89 - I Have a Dream!

“An army for Dragon City?”

Sisna asked gently. She was not surprised by this request. With the wisdom he had shown so far, it was only natural for Lord Galakrond to want to shore up his forces. Building a powerful country would match his grand status.

If Louie knew Sisna’s thoughts, his back would be drenched in cold sweat. Naturally, he could manage to govern a city with general knowledge from the present day. But he was far from wise enough to govern a country. Sisna was overestimating his capabilities.

Even in modern society, many poor people still existed, let alone this backward world. Even if Louie started an industrial revolution, it would be beyond his ability to manage it.

“I need a sufficient army to protect the city. After I attacked Central City, many forces must have begun to move. They likely thought that you elves would take control of the city, and prepared to launch an invasion after I left.”

“But they never imagined that I, a dragon, would become the lord. Those forces must have been surprised. They can only wait and see. If my expectations are correct, they must be waiting for chaos to erupt from the city due to my inadequacies as its lord, and then they would be able to obtain the city without much effort. In any case, those people only care for the city as a strategic location, not its inhabitants.”

“Once they find out that the city is being governed well, the Theocracy and the human empire will probably contact me. At that time, I will also become a thorn to their side, but even they would not dare strike me easily.

Louie slowly lay back down the gold mountain and revealed a cold smile.

Hearing his words, Sisna could not refute. She felt that his words were indeed what the human nations are thinking about at the moment and felt that it was lucky that the elves were not ruling the city. Otherwise, they would be facing tremendous pressure from the human nations.

Now, the pressure was all on the city lord’s shoulders.

Sisna finally understood why the queen supported Lord Galakrond to such an exte

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