Chapter 89 - I Have a Dream!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 89 - I Have a Dream!

“An army for Dragon City?”

Sisna asked gently. She was not surprised by this request. With the wisdom he had shown so far, it was only natural for Lord Galakrond to want to shore up his forces. Building a powerful country would match his grand status.

If Louie knew Sisna’s thoughts, his back would be drenched in cold sweat. Naturally, he could manage to govern a city with general knowledge from the present day. But he was far from wise enough to govern a country. Sisna was overestimating his capabilities.

Even in modern society, many poor people still existed, let alone this backward world. Even if Louie started an industrial revolution, it would be beyond his ability to manage it.

“I need a sufficient army to protect the city. After I attacked Central City, many forces must have begun to move. They likely thought that you elves would take control of the city, and prepared to launch an invasion after I left.”

“But they never imagined that I, a dragon, would become the lord. Those forces must have been surprised. They can only wait and see. If my expectations are correct, they must be waiting for chaos to erupt from the city due to my inadequacies as its lord, and then they would be able to obtain the city without much effort. In any case, those people only care for the city as a strategic location, not its inhabitants.”

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“Once they find out that the city is being governed well, the Theocracy and the human empire will probably contact me. At that time, I will also become a thorn to their side, but even they would not dare strike me easily.

Louie slowly lay back down the gold mountain and revealed a cold smile.

Hearing his words, Sisna could not refute. She felt that his words were indeed what the human nations are thinking about at the moment and felt that it was lucky that the elves were not ruling the city. Otherwise, they would be facing tremendous pressure from the human nations.

Now, the pressure was all on the city lord’s shoulders.

Sisna finally understood why the queen supported Lord Galakrond to such an extent. This was because the dragon’s presence decreased the pressure on the elves, allowing them to have a higher chance of survival.

“Therefore, I would need an army to solve some problems for me. Gods to Gods, mortals to mortals, dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Those who are superior don’t need to do everything by themselves."

Louie’s philosophical words made Sisna admire him. She hurriedly said, “Milord, the elves of Dragon City will fulfill their obligations as citizens and keep the city safe for you!”

“Of course, I believe in you elves and am willing to maintain a long-lasting friendship with you. After all, it was the elves who helped me in times of difficulty when my city lacked manpower.”

Louie slowly raised his head and moved closer to the ranger in front of him, “But compared to those amazing soldiers, what I need more is your dedication, Sisna. I need you, the noble one who came from the Silver Moon Kingdom, the patron of the Silver Moon!”

“I am honored to serve you, Lord Galakrond!”

Sisna bowed her head slightly. Her pretty white face was slightly flushed. It was an honor for her to be praised by an ancient demigod dragon who had survived for millennia.

“You are truly a beautiful elf. I have seen your bravery and wisdom. Your beauty will definitely bloom in Dragon City. I believe your name will also be etched in the history of this continent forever.”

Louie’s head closed in on Sisna, allowing him to smell the tulip-like fragrance from the elf’s body.

However, Sisna’s expression that contained a bit of fear had no emotion at all, which disappointed Louie.

He thought that the elf would be embarrassed, but it was his own overthinking. With his current body, no other creature would be able to feel his ‘handsomeness’ other than female dragons and chimeras.

After all, not all races had the ability to see through the beauty in all creatures like dragons. Perhaps they would only be able to appreciate his handsomeness after he became more humanoid.

“I have a dream; to build a city where all races can live together without hatred. I have a dream where my subjects will say, ‘I am a citizen of Dragon City’, not ‘I am a human, beastman, or elf'. Do you think I will succeed?”

Louie’s words were suddenly full of a young man’s dreams. The kind that had the pure feelings of a person.

At that moment, Sisna suddenly felt that the dragon in front of her was like one of those minstrels playing romantic poetry, and deceiving a young girl’s mind and body.

She froze for a moment. She suddenly blushed and said, “You are a great demigod dragon. Your dream will surely come true. The city will become one longed for and aspired towards by many realms.”

“That is also why I let the beastmen live in the junction of the noble district and the civilian district. It’s because you elves and some humans live in that area. As long as you all follow my laws, your life habits will gradually change to the point where you can accept each other.”

This was indeed Louie’s idea. He wanted to integrate the three largest races of this continent together. Louie would require to create a multi-cultural city to accommodate them and have them adopt his culture. When all their habits began to align, their racial differences would grow smaller.

It finally dawned on Sisna that the dragon had such far-sightedness, worthy of being recognized even by her queen. He was truly the great wiseman among dragons!

“Go, Sisna. I have asked Marches to recruit some physically strong humans to train the beastmen as soldiers. When they are used to it, they will also join the army. You should also tell the elves so that they can prepare.”

Louie said slowly.

“Yes. I will tell the elves of your wishes.”

Sisna bowed and prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

Louie called out to her, causing Sisna to stop in her tracks in doubt. He continued, “When you return to the Silver Moon Kingdom, pass a word to Her Majesty that my Dragon City is willing to accept 10,000 of the poorest elves to stay. As long as they follow my laws, they will be given the standard citizen’s treatment.”

Louie’s words stunned Sisna. She responded ecstatically, “Thank you for your generosity, milord! Her majesty will also be delighted by your generosity. Please rest assured. The elves are a civilized race where even the poorest will maintain manners and etiquette!”

Sisna was practically jumping up and down at this point.

10,000 people might not seem much, but for the elves with only a million or so population, 200,000 to 300,000 people were so poor that they did not have enough to eat. Letting 10,000 people out of poverty at once was already a large ratio. If this world had a promotion system, Sisna’s performance would already guarantee her promotion!

She believed that Louie had the ability to make such promises. That was mainly because of the 200,000 tons of refined wheat that she had witnessed!

‘Praise be to the Goddess! Lord Galakrond is truly the greatest dragon in the world!’

‘I also want to praise the Dragon God… but, the Dragon God seems to have fallen…’

Sisna left the dragon’s lair with joy.

Seeing the elf leave with light feet, Louie just shook his head and laughed. He slowly stood up and walked towards the garden where the lovely wolf girl was waiting to be trained.

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