Chapter 88 - Army Construction and Visions for the Future
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 88 - Army Construction and Visions for the Future

To Louie, the characters were little more than writing, but in the eyes of otherworlders, they appeared to be beautiful but mysterious magic symbols.

Lysfer looked at the back of her hand with slight curiosity. She could not tell what these runes were and could only guess that this was a unique crest of the primordial dragon or a mark of slavery.

In fact, Louie could make these words appear anywhere on Lysfer’s body such as her face, her chest, her legs, etc. In short, this was just purely Louie’s bad taste in hobbies.

“Sisna, have someone confiscate the beastmen’s weapons and bring them to the junction of the civilian district and the noble district. Find some uninhabited houses there and let them rest for the time being. Give them food and water in accordance with Dragon City’s civilian treatment.”

Louie’s instructions made Lysfer sign in relief. Her heart finally settled down when she heard the words ‘Dragon City’s civilian treatment’.

The great dragon was acting according to the contract and did not lie to her, but Lysfer didn’t know if the contract could bind demigods.

After a slight pause, Louie spoke to Lysfer again, “For now, you shouldn’t go see your people. Write something to reassure them. Tell them that you are safe and warn them not to make trouble in Dragon City. From now on, they are my people. While sheltering them, they must also follow my laws.”

“Someone will tell them the laws of Dragon City later. I don’t care if they might go against your traditions or customs, you must still follow them. Remember, what I seek is order where everything is in its place!”

“Yes, Master Galakrond!”

Lysfer displayed her full respect as a slave, trying her hardest to suppress her wild nature.

An elven maid handed over animal skin and placed a pen dipped in ink to one side.

Seeing this, Louie’s eyebrows raised and finally noticed that there was no such thing as cheap paper. All writings in this world were written on animal skin.

Ordinary documents were written on normal animal skins, while magic scrolls were written on magical creature skins.

But no matter what kind of skin it was, the costs were significantly high. This might also be one of the reasons why there weren’t many mages in the world. Mages would need to learn many things. And to learn things, they would need to record down what they learned, but they only had animal skins to write on. The cost of recording things alone would increase exponentially as they continued on their path.

‘I don’t know how to make paper, but luckily, I can go back to Earth. When the time comes, I can just Google it and then experiment on it when I come back.’

While thinking of this, he also considered if it would cause trouble in the long run. Other powers, after all, could copy it.

But after thinking briefly, he felt that papermaking was ultimately not like cement production. The pros outweighed the cons. It would bring great convenience, especially when he trained a large number of low-ranked mages.

In an instant, Louie made his decision.

Lysfer wrote down what she had to say on the sheepskin in the language of the beastmen and handed it to Sisna. After checking that nothing was wrong with what was written on it, she handed it to an elven maid who ran out of the palace and asked the guards to bring it to the beastmen outside the city.

“I like neatness and cleanliness… Take her to the fountain in the back garden and clean her body. Have her change into new clothes, but don’t give her your elven robes. I’m afraid that she wouldn’t like them.”

Louie ordered the elven maids.

Lysfer did not retort nor ask any questions. She just shot a glance of gratitude to him. For a slave like her to be treated with such dignity was already very incredible.

Of course, Lysfer didn’t know that in a short time, she would lose all her dignity...

The elven maids performed the ancient elven salute and took her to the garden behind the palace.

Soon, only Louie and Sisna were left in the hall.

Louie gazed at Sisna for a long time, while Sisna kept her head lowered and did not dare meet his eyes.

“Sisna, right now, who do the elves inside Dragon City take their orders from?

Louie’s voice was melodious yet calm. It was just a short question, but it carried a compelling aura that made a legendary powerhouse like Sisna tremble.

Thinking back to what the queen had confided in her, Sisna took a deep breath and said, “The elven soldiers inside Dragon City are now the people of Dragon City. When they came here, they lost any connection with the Silver Moon Kingdom.”

Sisna and the elven queen had long expected this question. If the primordial dragon was just an ordinary dragon, he would not think about this issue, but the primordial dragon in front of her had lived for an unknown amount of time and possessed an extremely frightening political mind.

“Very well, I am satisfied with your answer.

Louie nodded his head. He slowly plopped down on the gold coins and gems beneath him.

Although Sisna said this, Louie knew that if he really ordered the elves to attack the Silver Moon Kingdom, they would never obey his orders, but as long as his orders were not harmful to the Silver Moon Kingdom, they would completely obey his orders. At the very least, they were not living in the camp of Cao while their hearts longed for the camp of Han.

‘That said, the elf queen named Carandia has too many secrets. It’s better to be careful with her.’

Thinking about her full name that was blurred out in the contract, Louie was quite wary of her.

‘Sisna is the strongest person who is willing to obey me at the moment. I have to make good use of her, but her relationship with the elven queen is too deep. If I want to make her serve me wholeheartedly, I would have to make the elven queen submit as well.’

Louie felt that this would be his mega project in the long run. If the elven queen submitted, then it would be the same as the entire elven race’s submission. He might even gain the title of ‘elven king’.

‘It’s fine for Marches to do some auxiliary and internal affairs, but he’s not enough as combat power. I need someone strong enough who will obey my orders… Lysfer Blood Blade should be a good choice. The combat power of a beastman should be high, moreover, she’s a ninth rank warrior.’

‘When she accumulates enough fame, I should find a way to help her reach the legendary rank, but I cannot be too hasty in this matter. I should first let her and her clansmen feel a sense of belonging to Dragon City before I do it.’

‘When she finally reaches legendary rank, she will be quite strong. With her excellent bloodline, I can have her give birth to my offspring. I should be able to believe in my descendants born from my bloodline… yup, I should carefully train her later.’

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Louie thought so.

‘If one day I could become the Dragon God, my descendants would also be called the descendants of the Dragon God. With my exuberant energy, perhaps I can spread them throughout the entire continent!’

Louie thought about many things in this short timeframe, and his eyes shone with light.

After a long time, he finally faced Sisna, “Sisna, I need to build an army for Dragon City, an army involving multiple races and multiple professions! I would also need your elves to join it!”

TL NOTE: living in the camp of Cao with their hearts longing for the camp of Han = While they may physically be there, their hearts belongw elsewhere.

Translator Notes

 Living in the camp of Cao with their hearts longed for the camp of Han = While they may physically be there, their hearts belong elsewhere.

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