Chapter 87 - ‘Black Beast’ Contract
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 87 - ‘Black Beast’ Contract

“Become my slave, Lysfer Blood Blade!”

The dragon’s words struck deep into Lysfer’s heart, causing her face to pale. Her muscles tensed up, and her nails dug deeper into her palms, causing blood to flow and drip to the floor.

Sisna’s face tensed up. She once again tightened her hand on her sword. Her emerald green eyes were locked onto Lysfer. If she made any rash movements, Sisna would immediately cut her down.

Although the wolf girl was closer to an assassin than a brute warrior, and despite having the innate speed of the wolf clan, Sisna was a legendary rank ranger. She was confident that she could cut off Lysfer’s head before she could attack, especially now that Lysfer was in a kneeling position and had no weapons on hand.

But Lysfer did not make such a foolish move. She did not speak out nor did she launch an attack.

She just lowered her head. Her expression changed from anger to pain to helplessness as countless thoughts flooded her head.

If she knew that becoming a slave was a foregone conclusion, she would not have led her people across mountains, deserts, and swamps in the first place. She might as well have submitted to a large clan of the beastman empire.

The beastman empire also had slaves. Lysfer knew the consequences of becoming one. For strong people with noble bloodlines like her, she would be expected to become their master’s bodyguard by the day and serve their master at night. The only way she would be completely free was to one day reach the legendary rank. Only then would the slave contract be broken.

Although beastmen formed clans, they recognized themselves as members of the same race. People who lost their freedom and became slaves would still have a chance to live well. Generally speaking, after serving as slaves for a duration, they could be released from slavery and join the clan.

And if beastmen became slaves for humans or other races, the results would be terrible. Lysfer understood that those slaves would have a miserable life. They would be forced to work their entire lives and even be whipped until the day their lives came to an end.

Lysfer felt regret. She should have known that becoming a slave was the end result even if she came here. Now that she was far away and had refused to become a slave in the beastman empire, she no longer had the qualifications to refuse.

She believed that if she refused, then those elves and the terrible dragon in front of her would not hesitate to kill her and her people.

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Minor Note:  Lu Xun is a Chinese poet.

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