Chapter 87 - ‘Black Beast’ Contract
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 87 - ‘Black Beast’ Contract

“Become my slave, Lysfer Blood Blade!”

The dragon’s words struck deep into Lysfer’s heart, causing her face to pale. Her muscles tensed up, and her nails dug deeper into her palms, causing blood to flow and drip to the floor.

Sisna’s face tensed up. She once again tightened her hand on her sword. Her emerald green eyes were locked onto Lysfer. If she made any rash movements, Sisna would immediately cut her down.

Although the wolf girl was closer to an assassin than a brute warrior, and despite having the innate speed of the wolf clan, Sisna was a legendary rank ranger. She was confident that she could cut off Lysfer’s head before she could attack, especially now that Lysfer was in a kneeling position and had no weapons on hand.

But Lysfer did not make such a foolish move. She did not speak out nor did she launch an attack.

She just lowered her head. Her expression changed from anger to pain to helplessness as countless thoughts flooded her head.

If she knew that becoming a slave was a foregone conclusion, she would not have led her people across mountains, deserts, and swamps in the first place. She might as well have submitted to a large clan of the beastman empire.

The beastman empire also had slaves. Lysfer knew the consequences of becoming one. For strong people with noble bloodlines like her, she would be expected to become their master’s bodyguard by the day and serve their master at night. The only way she would be completely free was to one day reach the legendary rank. Only then would the slave contract be broken.

Although beastmen formed clans, they recognized themselves as members of the same race. People who lost their freedom and became slaves would still have a chance to live well. Generally speaking, after serving as slaves for a duration, they could be released from slavery and join the clan.

And if beastmen became slaves for humans or other races, the results would be terrible. Lysfer understood that those slaves would have a miserable life. They would be forced to work their entire lives and even be whipped until the day their lives came to an end.

Lysfer felt regret. She should have known that becoming a slave was the end result even if she came here. Now that she was far away and had refused to become a slave in the beastman empire, she no longer had the qualifications to refuse.

She believed that if she refused, then those elves and the terrible dragon in front of her would not hesitate to kill her and her people.

It would be her arrogance if she made a choice that made her and her clansmen become slaves forever. Even if they resisted here, they would not have lost glory as beastmen.

Lysfer noticed that this might be the most painful choice in her entire life.

Louie saw the twisted expression on the wolf girl’s face. Although he did not have the ability to read minds, he could tell what Lysfer was thinking. According to what he observed before, Louie knew that the wolf girl was a good chief that thought of her own people, but this was also her weakness.

“Lysfer Blood Blade, as long as you are willing to become my slave, I will allow your people to live in Dragon City as citizens. As long as they abide by my laws and perform their duty as citizens, then they can obtain rights like everyone else!”

One of Louie’s claws rummaged through the mountain of gold coins below him. He took out a magic scroll and threw it over.

Louie had asked Marches to prepare several copies of master-slave contracts. As the master, he had already written his long name on them. This contract would take effect the moment someone signed their names on the slave line.

“After becoming my slave, everything that is yours will be mine. From your body to your soul, from your will to your mind: all will become my possession! But if you reach the legendary rank one day, the contract will expire and you can choose how to live your life!”

Louie’s inverted pupils gazed at Lysfer, putting her under great pressure.

The spell created by the master-slave contract was only effective against those below legendary rank. Even if those above legendary rank signed it, it wouldn’t go into effect. Probably only Gods could make those legendary rank powerhouses into slaves.

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So this was not a complete dead end for Lysfer. Louie was giving her a bit of sunshine and a bit of hope.

Seeing Lysfer’s struggling expression and intent, Louie’s mouth smiled like the devil.

Lu Xun once said, when you try to tell people to open their windows, they would not agree, but when you propose to tear down their walls, they would suggest opening their windows first.

In the same way, Louie first laid out harsh conditions that would have a high chance of being refused, then he followed up by lowering the conditions. Sure enough, the wolf girl would waiver and agree.

As for whether she would go crazy and attack him when she reached legendary rank, Louie only snickered.

With her character, she placed priority on her clansmen. When her clansmen had been subdued by everything the city had to offer, she would also be the same. At that time, it would be impossible to leave this paradise.

Whether it was material satisfaction or spiritual needs, she would become a plaything in his hands!

That’s right. From the beginning, Louie only cared for this beautiful wild girl that was like the queen of the wolf clan. As for the other beastmen, they were simply add-ons.

Lysfer gritted her teeth. She felt that this proposal was acceptable. If she had to choose between her entire clan being slaves or death, she would choose to die with her clan, but if only she was turned into a slave and the clan could be saved, she would resolutely choose the latter.

However, there was something else that she needed to clarify, “As citizens of Dragon City, what obligations do my people need to fulfill?”

“As the lord, I will give them housing, fields to cultivate, and cattle and sheep to raise. If they are not willing to do these, I can also give them jobs so that they can support themselves… They will not suffer any discrimination in Dragon City. If there are humans or elves who discriminate against them, then I will treat them equally according to my law and punish those who have done so!”

After saying so, Louie looked at Sisna. The elven ranger bowed slightly to him, indicating that the elven clan would definitely follow the laws of the lord.

“This will be the treatment for the civilians. As for the beastmen warriors you brought, they need to join the army of Dragon City. In addition to those received by civilians, they would also receive enough money and material subsidies. Naturally, they must also receive my military training with the elves and humans!”

Louie laid down his requirements. Before all this, he reluctantly became the lord due to the permanent positioning device, but now, he was serious about being a lord. He would the city the way he wanted just like in those simulation games.

Lysfer exhaled and did not hesitate. She spoke, “As long as these agreements are written into the contract, I am willing to sign it!”

She did not ask the price she needed to pay, because the word ‘slave’ already said it all.

Even if the dragon brought her to the square and had the rest of the city watch as they copulated, or if it ordered everybody to have sex with her, she could not resist and could only suffer in silence as a slave.

“No problem!”

Louie used his claws to flip the contract and added more terms.

As a magical creature, Louie had a high degree of compatibility with magic. It was easy for him to change the contents of the contract as long as it wasn’t yet signed by both sides.

Louie wrote the contract in the common language of the continent. After carefully reading the contract’s terms, Lysfer bit her finger and signed it with blood.

As her name was written, the magic scroll suddenly ignited with a blue flame. At the same time, Lysfer felt a part of her soul was sacrificed to the dragon in front of her. The dragon could now use her soul to ask her to do anything. This was the power of the contact!

At the same time, Lysfer found bizarre symbols appear on the back of her hand, like a seal that had been engraved on her body. If there were people on Earth there, they might recognize the symbols as words - [Louie Black Beast]!

To normal people of this world, they might look like magic runes with mysterious power, but they didn’t know that this was just Louie trying to put a mark on his belongings!

TL NOTE: Lu Xun is a Chinese poet.

Translator Notes

Minor Note:  Lu Xun is a Chinese poet.

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