Chapter 86 - Become My Slave!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 86 - Become My Slave!

“Become my slave!”

The [Black Beast King] made that declaration to all those he defeated in the mortal world.

However, an unknown researcher believed that the [Black Beast King], who possessed many other titles, did not make such a declaration to all those he defeated, but only to females. Particularly, to beautiful ones.

(Note: This unknown researcher has been so afraid of returning to the main continent for fear of being hunted down by the Dragon Overlord’s followers.)

---《The General History of San Soliel. The Divine Chapter》


“Tell me, why have you come to my Dragon City!”

Louie got up, casting a tall shadow down on Lysfer. The light coming down from the dome shone on his golden body, granting him a hallowed appearance.

Lysfer’s body trembled slightly, but the wolf girl managed to keep thinking straight. She immediately knelt on the ground and lowered her proud head, saying, “I ask for asylum, great dragon lord!”

Lysfer had never bowed her head or kneeled before. For beastmen, this was a shameful act. Even in front of their parents, they would never kneel and instead use force to show that they were right. This was their tradition.

But Lysfer couldn’t care less. Her heart faltered as she thought about the hungry and thirsty clansmen who had followed her; thought about their fate while being guarded outside the city; and thought about how they prayed to live in peace and have a place of shelter.

She needed to remain humble. She had to let go of her pride as a member of the Blood Blade and as a genius of the beastmen tribe. Right now, she was like an insect begging for mercy from a great being.

Lysfer knelt on the ground. Her nails fiercely dug into her palms. She lowered her head to prevent the dragon from seeing her expression. Her lone-wolf-like stubborn eyes flashed with pain as she bit her dry lips, causing blood to flow. Her trembling body told others how much courage and pride she had actually paid to be able to say such words.

“Raise your head and look at me!”


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