Chapter 86 - Become My Slave!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 86 - Become My Slave!

“Become my slave!”

The [Black Beast King] made that declaration to all those he defeated in the mortal world.

However, an unknown researcher believed that the [Black Beast King], who possessed many other titles, did not make such a declaration to all those he defeated, but only to females. Particularly, to beautiful ones.

(Note: This unknown researcher has been so afraid of returning to the main continent for fear of being hunted down by the Dragon Overlord’s followers.)

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---《The General History of San Soliel. The Divine Chapter》


“Tell me, why have you come to my Dragon City!”

Louie got up, casting a tall shadow down on Lysfer. The light coming down from the dome shone on his golden body, granting him a hallowed appearance.

Lysfer’s body trembled slightly, but the wolf girl managed to keep thinking straight. She immediately knelt on the ground and lowered her proud head, saying, “I ask for asylum, great dragon lord!”

Lysfer had never bowed her head or kneeled before. For beastmen, this was a shameful act. Even in front of their parents, they would never kneel and instead use force to show that they were right. This was their tradition.

But Lysfer couldn’t care less. Her heart faltered as she thought about the hungry and thirsty clansmen who had followed her; thought about their fate while being guarded outside the city; and thought about how they prayed to live in peace and have a place of shelter.

She needed to remain humble. She had to let go of her pride as a member of the Blood Blade and as a genius of the beastmen tribe. Right now, she was like an insect begging for mercy from a great being.

Lysfer knelt on the ground. Her nails fiercely dug into her palms. She lowered her head to prevent the dragon from seeing her expression. Her lone-wolf-like stubborn eyes flashed with pain as she bit her dry lips, causing blood to flow. Her trembling body told others how much courage and pride she had actually paid to be able to say such words.

“Raise your head and look at me!”

The dragon’s words caused a flash of panic on Lysfer’s face. She thought that Louie had seen through her heart that did not want to give in and was giving her a warning.

She quickly collected her spirit and made an effort to appear supplicant and grieved, but it was too against her true nature. Her actual facial expression ended up quite distorted instead.

Lysfer’s heart sank. The dragon could now clearly see her reluctance, and she worried that that might have incited its anger.

‘Yup, this face is quite beautiful. With this aggressive and wild aura and power, you can’t simply find such a girl on Earth… Ah, her body is also quite amazing, this is really too good.’

Lysfer apprehensively looked at the dragon’s inverted pupils that were staring at her. The corners of her mouth let out a bitter smile. She felt that she was too stupid to actually show such resistance in front of a demigod dragon.

But, she didn’t know that the dragon did not see her will to resist at all and was actually appraising her appearance.

Her silver hair with traces of red as well as her ears emitted a blood-like glow. This might have been the reason why they were called the Blood Blade Clan.

Lysfer had two red stripes painted under her eyes. There was also a rune painted on her forehead that let out a ruby-like glow. It split into two lines that ran down her neck and branched off at her shoulders.

Louie remembered what he saw from [Protective Detection]. It seemed that many members of the beastmen had these painted on their bodies. Perhaps this was a tradition similar to how some human tribes on Earth painted tattoos on their bodies.

Not only did the tattoos not destroy Lysfer’s beauty, they even brought out a wilder and savage look, making her look like a lonely wolf king of the savannah.

This queen of a wolf girl aroused his desire to conquer!

“Sisna, you seem to know of this beastman… What is the Blood Blade Clan?”

Fortunately, Louie, being a dragon, could not express a lot of emotions on his face. He thus looked at the elven ranger and asked.

Sisna quickly began, “The Blood Blade Clan is one of the largest clans in the beastman empire. Its chief has the ability to participate in the ‘Sakrama’ ceremony.’

Louie knew what the Sakrama ceremony was. It was the dueling ceremony of the beastmen to elect their great chieftain.

Louie nodded his head and motioned for Sisna to continue.

“Lysfer Blood Blade and her brother Wardec Blood Blade are the two candidates for the chief of the Blood Blade Clan. They were not only famous in the beastman empire but were also famous among humans and elves. They also have a high reputation for being able to reach the ninth rank at such a young age. They are the most promising beastmen to reach the legendary rank.”

“But for the beastman powerhouse known as the 'Bloodthirsty Hunter' to wander and seek refuge can only mean that she lost to her brother in the duel to become the clan chief. I’m afraid it will be difficult for her to reach the legendary rank.”

Lysfer did not refute Sisna’s words and remained silent. Louie understood that this was her form of acquiescence.

At the same time, Sisna’s words allowed Louie to understand many things.

The ninth rank was the limit for mortals. Even demons of the Abyss reaching this level would become famous and be known as a great demon.

The reason why Sisna said that it would be difficult for her to reach the legendary rank involved one of the secrets to reaching that rank. That was something that Louie could not believe when he first heard it.

The word ‘legend’ was rich in meaning. To become a legendary powerhouse, one needed to establish an actual legend. In other words, to transcend to immortality, they would not only need power but also a ‘legendary degree’ or ‘fame’.

They needed to be known to the world and must have done something that would make everyone remember them forever.

For example, defeating an abyssal demon that wanted to invade the main continent, or killing a powerful monster that was about to resurrect, or leading armies to conquer countries, etc. As long as it was able to spread their name and increase their ‘legendary degree’, they would get feedback from the world and obtain an opportunity to ascend.

It didn’t matter whether the actions were good or bad as long as the things they did were known to the world.

If it followed the logic of ‘xianxia’ novels, then you would need to train to the appropriate level and reach a certain level of karma. The combination of the two would allow you to advance.

Lysfer losing the duel would probably leave a dark shadow in her heart. Without her identity as the chief of the Blood Blade Clan, it would be hard for her to increase her legendary degree, after all being the leader of a race was the easiest way to obtain this.

As for those legends who have disappeared in seclusion, they all reached the legendary rank before they became low-profile. The actions that they did to get promoted were great things that belonged to them.

Louie was thinking while looking at Lysfer’s silent expression.

He suddenly opened his mouth and roared, “Become my slave, Lysfer Blood Blade!!”

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