Chapter 85 - The Dragon’s Majesty
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 85 - The Dragon’s Majesty

"Everyone, put down your weapons!"

Throwing her twin blades to the ground, Lysfer ordered her followers to do the same.

The beastmen warriors behind her hesitated slightly, but soon their stone axes and hammers fell to the ground in a cascade of dull thuds.

For the beastmen, weapons were an integral part of their lives, and throwing them away was equivalent to giving themselves up. That said, although most of them were muscle heads, they were not complete fools.

They knew that they had no chance of winning against thousands of elven soldiers and a legendary rank powerhouse.

If Lysfer ordered them to fight, even at the expense of their lives, even if they already knew the results, these beastmen would dare fight to the death. But since they were given an order by their chief, they would choose to throw away their weapons for the sake of the civilians behind them, who were not strong enough to fight.

Since throwing away their weapons was tantamount to death, they could be considered to have chosen to sacrifice themselves.

“Very well! I hope you won’t be impulsive. Elves are a peace-loving race. We don’t want to swing our swords at unarmed soldiers and civilians.

Sisna was calm. This had surprised Louie who was watching everything through [Protective Detection]. Previously, Sisna had been acting like a cute and ignorant little girl in front of him. Other than her beauty, Louie did not pay much attention to her identity and strength.

And today, seeing Sisna’s steady orders to the army and confidence in the face of the enemy, he understood that the so-called ranger general was not simple.

It made perfect sense once he thought more deeply about it. She was already close to a thousand years old. Though she could maintain a fairly youthful persona, that was not young at all, even for an elf.

Seeing this, his arrogance as a demigod dragon and transmigrator subsided.

He knew that once the divine power in his godhood ran out, he would not be able to compare to Sisna in power, even with his ‘railgun’. She might even off him in

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