Chapter 85 - The Dragon’s Majesty
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 85 - The Dragon’s Majesty

"Everyone, put down your weapons!"

Throwing her twin blades to the ground, Lysfer ordered her followers to do the same.

The beastmen warriors behind her hesitated slightly, but soon their stone axes and hammers fell to the ground in a cascade of dull thuds.

For the beastmen, weapons were an integral part of their lives, and throwing them away was equivalent to giving themselves up. That said, although most of them were muscle heads, they were not complete fools.

They knew that they had no chance of winning against thousands of elven soldiers and a legendary rank powerhouse.

If Lysfer ordered them to fight, even at the expense of their lives, even if they already knew the results, these beastmen would dare fight to the death. But since they were given an order by their chief, they would choose to throw away their weapons for the sake of the civilians behind them, who were not strong enough to fight.

Since throwing away their weapons was tantamount to death, they could be considered to have chosen to sacrifice themselves.

“Very well! I hope you won’t be impulsive. Elves are a peace-loving race. We don’t want to swing our swords at unarmed soldiers and civilians.

Sisna was calm. This had surprised Louie who was watching everything through [Protective Detection]. Previously, Sisna had been acting like a cute and ignorant little girl in front of him. Other than her beauty, Louie did not pay much attention to her identity and strength.

And today, seeing Sisna’s steady orders to the army and confidence in the face of the enemy, he understood that the so-called ranger general was not simple.

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It made perfect sense once he thought more deeply about it. She was already close to a thousand years old. Though she could maintain a fairly youthful persona, that was not young at all, even for an elf.

Seeing this, his arrogance as a demigod dragon and transmigrator subsided.

He knew that once the divine power in his godhood ran out, he would not be able to compare to Sisna in power, even with his ‘railgun’. She might even off him in a few slashes.

Normal people in this world would start from first rank. After the ninth rank, they could try to step into the legendary rank. After the legendary rank was the demigod rank.

In other words, real demigods possessed abundant combat experience. Even if their divine powers were exhausted, they were still considered to be at the pinnacle of legendary rank.

But Louie was different. He was using a cheat to skip every rank and become a demigod. He was definitely not as strong as those who climbed up with sheer effort.

That said, Louie was now a dragon and had already been so for three to four months. So he was not at all unsatisfied.

Besides, no one knew about the truth that he was hiding. As long as he continued his Oscar-level acting performance, he would be able to survive until he finally mastered the power of the godhood. At that point, he could be called a true God.

The elven soldiers cautiously approached the beastmen with their swords pointed at them. Warrior beastmen were still very dangerous, even without their weapons. Aside from high-ranking elves, most of the elven race tended towards skill rather than power.

“Your position will be determined by the lord later. For now, you are not captives, so I will not chain you.”

Sisna said this, causing Lysfer to nod gratefully. At the very least, this was a sign of respect for these beastmen.

“Lysfer Blood Blade, follow me!”

Sisna instructed the soldiers to keep an eye on these beastmen, and at the same time instructed Lysfer to follow her.

“Your Highness!”

The bear brothers shouted anxiously.

“You two, protect the clan.”

Lysfer glared at them, causing them to lower their heads and stand back down.

The wolf girl crossed the crowd and approached Sisna. The other elven soldiers remained tense while following her movements with their eyes.

Although the wolf girl was not as strong as Sisna, this was only because Sisna was a legendary rank powerhouse. The aura that came out of the wolf girl was filled with bloodshed and death. How could elven rangers who were closely related to nature compare to a genius beastman who grew up from killing?

“Sorry, I know this request may be a little too much, but my people have been hungry for a long time. Can you give them something to eat first? You don’t need to give them anything good as long as you can fill up their stomachs a little.”

Lysfer lowered her posture and begged Sisna.

Sisna wanted to refuse, but when her eyes swept over the group of ragged beastmen. She saw the pitiful expressions on the dirty faces of the children and the adults who were only skin and bones. She hesitated and said, “Give them some water and black bread.”

“Thank you!” Lysfer said gratefully.

Sisna remained unconcerned with her gratitude. Accompanied by a few elven soldiers, they got on the carriage and rode from the foot of Dragon City to the huge palace at the top.

Because Dragon City had been transformed under Louie’s hands, the main road was very wide. The civilians on the road were able to easily dodge, allowing the carriage to move extremely fast. It didn’t take long for them to reach the palace entrance.

“Maintain humility and silence. Do not talk too much. Lighten your footsteps. And don’t make the palace dirty… the lord likes it clean and tidy. I was going to have you bathe first, but I cannot keep him waiting for too long.”

Sisna whispered to her as a warning as they walked into the spectacular and gorgeous palace.

Lysfer nodded her head and tried to put away her arrogance. They passed through a hallway with many stone pillars and a colorful domed roof. It brought a heavy pressure to her as she could clearly hear her heat thumping. A sense of awe rose up from the depths of her heart.

It was a kind of tension that she had not felt before. Even if she had fought countless life and death battles, she had never been so nervous before.

‘I am about to meet the one strongest after the Gods, a demigod. Moreover, it is a primordial dragon of legends. Feeling nervous is normal, right?’

Lysfer could only reassure herself this way.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to arrive at the hall where Louie waited.

The glorious hall was inlaid with onyx and precious stones. Gold coins were scattered on the floor and stacked on the golden mountain. On top of the gold mountain was a dragon that let off a dangerous aura.

Although the dragon did not exhibit a terrifying demigod aura, the oppressive atmosphere, the psychological effect brought by the empty hall, and the dragon’s condescending gaze mixed together, left Lysfer frightened.

If the dragon in front of her was an enemy, Lysfer believed that she could still raise her sword to attack even in fear, but when begging for something in front of this dragon, she could feel the gap in status suffocate her.

Sisna tightened the grip on her sword, causing Lysfer to quickly kneel down. She would immediately cut down the wolf girl if she dared to show any sign of disrespect.

It was not that Sisna thought that Lysfer could harm Louie, but because she felt that if Lysfer could launch an attack here, then she would have failed her job as a bodyguard. If Lysfer were to accidentally bump into Louie, then the elves might receive his wrath.

Although Louie was acting sensible and easy-going, Sisna would never forget that he was a dragon. An inherently moody creature.

The experiences of the elven maids was sufficient for Sisna to conclude that though Louie was different from other dragons, he ultimately was quite similar in many ways. In just a few days time, He had almost broken them after rapaciously plundering their innocence. That was a true blue dragon’s trademark.

Louie was very satisfied with Sisna’s vigilance. In all honesty, if not for his demigod powers, he would not be able to beat Lysfer in combat unless he ambushed her with the railgun. After all, Lysfer was a ninth rank warrior who possessed a wealth of combat experience.

He was just a juvenile dragon at the moment. If he were to confront her head on, he would have to first become an adult dragon.

The ninth rank might not seem great compared to legendaries, but this was the pinnacle for the mortals!

“Lysfer Blood Blade!!”

Only after confirming his safety, did Louie speak in a majestic voice, “Tell me, why have you come to my Dragon City?!”

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