Chapter 84 - The Lord Will Decide Your Fate!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 84 - The Lord Will Decide Your Fate!

Lysfer led her people carefully and anxiously to the plains in front of Dragon City. After reaching the foot of the mountain it was built on, the climate began to warm up. The humidity of the south mixed with the dryness of the north, resulting in a comfortable ambient temperature.

There was a piece of farmland outside the city, but to her astonishment, there was no one working on it.

Save for winter and war, there was no reason for citizens to stop working the fields especially with how important stocking food was.

‘Could it be that they’ve treated us as an army??’

Lysfer immediately shut down her idea.

They only numbered a paltry thousand, and it was clear that more than half of them were civilians. They might have been able to plunder a few small villages but attacking something the size of Dragon City was simply hitting stone with an egg.

In the past, every time there was a war to take over Central City, the scale would always reach at least 10,000 soldiers while the highest record was 300,000 soldiers.

With the number of her clansmen, the people of the city could easily kill them from a few kilometers away. And the dragon could probably do so even more easily.

An eagle in the sky let out a loud screech. The bear brothers approached Lysfer and whispered, “That is a sentry.”

Lysfer nodded slightly. She knew that elves and beastmen were similar, with many people having the ‘Hunter’ profession. These eagles were their tamed beast and had a functional role in many places.

“Stay alert. Tell the warriors not to act impulsively. As long as the other side does not attack, we cannot make the first move!”

Lysfer said in a deep voice. The bear brothers nodded and each retreated to relay her orders.

The closer they approached Dragon City, the tighter the beastman soldiers gripped their crude weapons. Although the arms were not as excellent as those used by humans and elves, they suited their powerful physiques.


Suddenly, there was a whistling sound from Dragon City. Lysfer’s blade-like eyebrow

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