Chapter 83 - Animal-eared Woman? Beastman?
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 83 - Animal-eared Woman? Beastman?

Lysfer looked at the clansmen walking through the San Soliel Mountain Range. The cold air from the mountains blew on their bodies and sent shivers through their bones. Still, they managed to hold on thanks to their thick fur.

“We are almost there. Just ten more kilometers!”

Lyser shouted loudly to cheer up her people.

Although they could not see it clearly, they could faintly make out the outline of the city in the distance.

The original Central City, now named Dragon City, was built in an admirable location. Its back was against the mountains, allowing it to block the cold winds coming from the north. At the same time, it received the warm winds of the southern plains. The two sides formed a delicate balance that allowed the city to experience the blessings of the four seasons.

The beastmen were in turmoil. Lysfer clearly sensed the joy emanating from the hearts of her people. They had never once thought that Lysfer was deceiving them. They believed in her words, and they believed that as long as they could reach Dragon City, they would have a place to stay, that they would no longer need to wander.

Lysfer still wore her trademark smile, but in places where others could not see, her eyes would flash with gloom.

Would the lord of Dragon City accept them? Would they be treated as its citizens? She had heard that the main race living in Dragon City was humans and some elves. Would they fit in?

As various thoughts plagued Lysfer’s mind, she kept a stoic expression. She could not show any sign of unease, as it would only bring anxiety to her people.

If the dragon was not willing to accept them, then other than powerful warriors like her, the fate of the rest of her clansmen would be death.

They were already quite far from the beastmen country. They were now in human and elven territory, and in most cases, they could not hope for any kind of preferential or egalitarian treatment.

‘Even if I die, even if I have to give my everything, I must make the dragon accept these people who voluntarily followed me!’

Lysfer vowed se

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