Chapter 82 - Arriving Beastmen!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 82 - Arriving Beastmen!

While the idea of going to Dragon City was good, it was quite hard to execute in practice.

Dragons had long been associated with slaughter, madness, arrogance, and moodiness. They were extremely temperamental.

As a beastman who had reached the pinnacle of the ninth rank, Lysfer knew more about these things than most.

She was also aware of the way their temperaments matured as they grew older. Adult and prime dragons often fit the mold of the stereotypical dragon. Many times a country was destroyed overnight due to falling afoul of one’s temper.

On the other hand, the older members of their race were a lot more sensible and affable. They were practically polar extremes compared to their younger selves, and as long as they were not provoked, they had no problem with extending goodwill to others.

‘Primordial dragons should be far older than ancient dragons. So the dragon that has occupied Central City should not be too brutal…’

Lysfer thought this way, but she was still worried.

Beastmen were not brainless creatures, but they preferred to use their muscles to solve problems. As a beastman that had reached the ninth rank, it was impossible for her to be too dull.

“If only I had reached legendary rank…” Lysfer sighed.

Anyone at the legendary rank would be respected wherever they were. As the title itself implied, they would be venerated in their eras and be the principal protagonists of whatever age they lived in.

If Lysfer was really of legendary rank, then even if she had lost, she would not have found it difficult to gain significant status under another power.

Though the ninth rank and legendary rank were but one rank apart, the distance between them was immense. And if one managed to traverse it, their entire being would change.

“But becoming a legendary rank is even harder than what it takes to climb every rank before it combined.”

Lysfer sighed but cheered up again. Ninth rank going to legendary rank was not the same as legendary rank to demigod rank. Going from legendary rank to demigod rank not only relied on r

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Translator Notes

Hi friends, there are some important(?) updates starting this chapter. I will also change the ones in the previous chapters at a later date.

1) Changed Louie's full name to
Louie Malygos Alexstrasza Nozdormu Ysera Neltharion Galakrond
*In case anybody wants the reference, it's from the World of Warcraft. I finally found the reference for the name that I couldn't find before.

2) Changing old dragon to elder dragon.
So baby dragon < juvenile dragon < adult dragon < prime dragon < elder dragon < ancient dragon < primordial dragon.

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