Chapter 81 - Surrendering to the Dragon
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 81 - Surrendering to the Dragon

“If it wasn’t for His Highness Wardec choosing your weakest moment to challenge you, how could you have been expelled from the clan?! How could he become chief of the Blood Blade Clan!!! If not… if not… he would still just be your elder brother!”

The expression of anger and grief appeared on the bearman’s face. He roared, “His Highness Wardec is too despicable and shameless. Acting like those insidious humans is a disgrace to the beastman way!”

“Hahaha!!! I thank you for giving me your approval. Perhaps my elder brother, Wardec Blood Blade, had some slight inclinations towards humans, but his actions were still in line with the beastmen traditions, were they not?”

Lysfer laughed as if she did not care about the injustice done to her.

The bearman’s face twisted. He opened his mouth to retort, but in the end, he just sighed helplessly and nodded, “Yes, Your Highness. You are right. Even if His Highness Wardec’s methods were a bit shameless, he still followed beastmen traditions. His chieftainship is going to be recognized by the ancestral spirits.”

The composition of the beastman country was completely different from humans. Although the beastman country was unified as a whole like human empires, their rule was much closer to a confederacy.

There were countless large and small clans in the Beastman Empire. Their ruling class wasn’t like the humans’ where royal families existed. The Beastman Empire’s great chieftain was equivalent to a human emperor, but the position was not based on inheritance. They followed an extremely fair and ancient way of deciding it - through duels!

If the beastman country was compared to the human empire, then the leaders of each clan were the lords of a territory. The leader of each clan was called a chief, and the combination of the clans was the complete beastmen tribal group.

The ancient beastmen were purely nomadic. With their clans as the foundation, they wandered the fertile grasslands, raising large numbers of cattle and sheep.

Now, they were different from the past. The small clans still lived a nomadic life, but the larger clans built their own cities, and a portion of them even learned to plant, but because of the lands they occupied as well as their lack of technical know-how, their farming productivity was even lower than humans’.

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