Chapter 68 - Powerful Even Without Changing to Human Form
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 68 - Powerful Even Without Changing to Human Form

After making his declaration, Louie folded his wings and lay on the ground, basking in the sunlight.

After becoming a dragon he found that he had inherited part of their slothful disposition, but he found that he could overcome it through sheer force of will. Given that he planned on attaining godhood, he could not let himself slack off too much.

“Marches, is there a place to store the meat?”

On the Neversnar, the meat could be refrigerated over the months-long journey. In San Soliel, however, such technological conveniences did not exist. And if nothing was done, it would soon begin to rot.

“This… to preserve such a large amount of meat, normal basement temperatures won’t be enough.”

Marches looked at the pile of meat and said embarrassedly.

“Then think of a way to use magic.”

Louie was slightly dissatisfied at Marches’ answer.

“Er… great master, preserving this much meat requires a large freezing magic circle, and in order to maintain such a large magic circle, you need to connect to a water element realm’s magic source pool. Creating a magic source pool requires many precious materials. If you are willing, the magical materials kept in the city are barely enough. It’s just…”

‘It’s just that I can’t build one at all!!’

Marches could only cry internally.

The magic source pool was equivalent to a generator in the technological world. It could connect to other realms and extract a constant source of magic power to serve as a permanent power source for a magic apparatus. It was mostly used as a core in mage towers.

But only mages at the ninth circle could create them. Moreover, not all ninth-ranked mages could. In fact, even not even all legendary ranked mages could do so given the astronomical material costs.

Before Louie invaded Central City, the members of the Theocracy had left a significant amount of magic material. It was enough to build the magic source pool but too little to construct a magic tower.

Additionally, Marches was only a seven ring mage who specialized in potions. Even if he had the required resources, he did not possess the requisite level of expertise in that area.

At the same time, he also lamented. Dragons’ and humans’ views of wealth might be too far apart. His lord actually wanted to use a magic source pool to build a freezer. If some poor mages knew about this, they might just cry and kill themselves.

Just as Marches fumbled for a response, Sisna threw a lifeline, “Milord, if you need a mage to help you build a storage room, perhaps the elven mages can help you.”

Marches was relieved to hear this. If he had to say that he could not do it, he would likely have appeared incompetent before his lord.

Although the majority of the legendary rank elven mages were living in seclusion in other realms, the Silver Moon Kingdom still had a few legendary rank elven mages who were loyal to the queen.

For example, the elven mages that Louie met on the platform at the beginning of his journey were all legendary rank powerhouses. They were the trump cards of the Silver Moon Kingdom and would not appear unless there was a crisis that threatened to destroy the country.

“In that case, I’ll leave it to you Sisna! Convey my gratitude to Her Majesty. If there is an opportunity, I’ll go visit her myself!” Louie spoke in a deep voice.

The elven queen was the founder of the Silvermoon Kingdom, which had existed for thousands of years and was a powerful demigod. Even if Louie was a true demigod, he still had to maintain enough respect for the queen.

What’s more, from the beginning he felt that the queen seemed to be hiding some secrets and was a very dangerous figure.

Establishing a large freezer warehouse was ultimately necessary. That way, he would have a place to store future supplies transported from Earth. That said, if he was given a choice between constructing a mage tower and a freezer, he would still choose the latter.


“Here, my lord. What are your instructions?”

“In the name of Dragon City, pass this message to all races and all nations. From today on, I will become the only lord of this city. This city will not belong to humans, nor orcs, nor elves. It will only belong to me! As a great dragon, I am willing to regard all races whether beastmen, humans, or elves. As long as they are willing to come to this city to settle and contribute to it, I am willing to accept them!”

“From now on, this will become a free trade city. All races and merchants who are willing to come to this city and trade can do so as long as they abide by my laws. I will gladly welcome them!”

“Yes, master. I will spread your words to all races and all kingdoms!”

Louie’s words made Sisna’s expression change. With the meager political talent she had, she could perceive that there was some deeper meaning to his words, but before she could sort her thoughts, they were already sent off by him.

After Marches and Sisna left, Louie opened his eyes and looked at the elven maids who were kneeling on the ground.

“Raise your heads!”

With Louie’s orders, those elves trembled and raised their heads.

Their charming pretty faces looked straight at Louie. Perhaps because of their nobility, or their purity, or their elegance… the air and beauty they emitted were enough to stoke the fires of desire in any human. And now, they were Louie’s slaves!

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These elven girls were young and had no magic aura or fighting aura coming from them. This was natural, as those with talents would not be allowed to simply enter the elven palace by their families. Moreover, even the elven queen would not let them serve Louie as it would be a waste of their abilities.

But Louie did not care whether they had combat power or not. Just being eye candy was enough to make him happy.

Looking at their appearance, they were roughly around 200-300 years old. For the long-lived elves that could not reach the legendary rank, this age was the prime of their youth.

Louie had initially thought about making the most beautiful one as the head maid, but in the end, he could not really rank them at all because of their many differences.

He extended his claws out, and the elven maids looked in fear but dared not resist. As the claw landed on one of them, Louie began to caress the elf’s delicate face.

Perhaps he still couldn’t turn into a human, but if anyone thought he’d hold himself back just because of that, they’d be mistaken.

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