Chapter 67 - Qualified Lord!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 67 - Qualified Lord!

Marches’ eyes were fastened on the elves when they entered.

Their skin was like crystal jade. Their slender legs and lithe bodies gave off a thought-provoking aura. They were the rarely seen elven nobles.

Marches did not dare look too long. He knew that these elves were his master’s property and hurriedly lowered his head to calm his mind.

After obtaining Louie’s promise, Marches truly wanted to do his utmost to serve this dragon. Although dragons were greedy and petty, they were also quite proud and would generally keep their promises, especially those at the primordial level.

He now swore to remain respectful to his master as a servant and did not dare have any thoughts of coveting his Louie’s belongings.

‘My master is really divine and mighty. Even that beautiful elven queen who lives in the deepest part of the Silvermoon Kingdom personally sent beauties to serve him. Even the Pope and the Emperor would be jealous of this.’

Elves that could serve the elven queen were not from ordinary families but from elven noble estates. On this point, elves were the same as other races, those with power and resources were the nobles. If their offsprings were talented, they would have them take professions, while some of those that weren’t would be sent to the royal palace to become servants.

In the human kingdoms, nobles would serve the prince and princess, but in the Silvermoon Kingdom, there was only the queen.

These elves were different from those kidnapped elves who were sold as slaves. The latter consisted of commoners. These elven noble maidens might not even be found outside of the Forest of the Moon. Although there were some bold people in history who tried their luck to capture one, those that actually succeeded could be counted on one’s fingers.

Marches secretly sighed. These elven noble maidens were different from the commoners. They received the highest level of education from birth and were taught elegant etiquette. Their every movement carried charms that far surpass the common elf and could compare against powerful elven professionals.

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Elven nobility was rare. And these noble maidens could even be called princesses in some small countries!

But now, they were sent by the elven queen to be the dragon’s servants. That elven queen’s ability was quite frightening. It was no wonder that she was able to protect the entire race for thousands of years. Humans and beastmen would covet the elves, but they could only stand at the edge of the forest and look with desire.

Just when Marches was in admiration and envy, Louie spread out a map on the ground.

Marches and Sisna stared at it, perplexed.

“This is…… a city design map?”

Marches eyes widened. Although there were some lines that looked crooked and strange, the overall plan of the city was shown perfectly.

The two subordinates approached the map for a better look.

The maids on the other hand, upon seeing the revered General Sisna reveal a shocked expression, also felt a budding curiosity over its contents. A few tried to peek indiscreetly but soon found out that doing so was unnecessary. The map itself was large enough for them to see from where they stood.

The orderly if slightly unintelligible array of bold and light lines; and arcs and squares instilled within them a sense of direction for the city’s future development. There was an almost mathematical beauty to its structure, and the plan outlined everything from an underground drainage facility to plans for accommodation.

In the world of San Soliel, this was a pioneering design.

“What do you think?”

Louie raised his head and asked.

When he had borrowed the professor’s body, he had browsed the internet for model designs of medieval cities. It might have been hard for him to find a design for modern cities, but it was very easy for him to find one for a city where a few hundred thousand people could live in.

“So… so incredible.”

Despite the elves’ natural preference for harmony with nature, the complex design Louie had presented left her in awe.

“Lord, what is this area?” Sisna pointed in disbelief.

“Oh, I am going to plant trees on both sides of all the roads. At the place you pointed at, I plan to build a public garden for the citizens to rest and play in,” Louie explained casually.

Medieval cities were known for two things, poor planning and huge amounts of filth. Other than the area where the nobility lived, other areas especially the slums were unimaginably disgusting for the modern man. Moreover, people rarely bathed, filling the cities with the rancid stench of sweat, ordure and wors.

Louie did not demand the city to not have a single dark corner, but he needed it to be neat and clean overall. Luckily he had destroyed half of the dirt city in one breath before, giving him the opportunity to rebuild.

“Public garden? Planting trees?”

Sisna and the elven maids all lightly cried out at Louie’s words. The idea was a bit ahead of its time for the inhabitants of this world. Generally speaking, gardens were nothing more than private properties owned by nobles and royalty for viewing and playing. Those nobles would not use their limited resources just to build some gardens for the peasants. As for the thought of planting trees, humans did not even think about such things. Living was already difficult for them. Who would think about beautifying the environment?

Sisna’s eyes twinkled. She was astonished at the wisdom of the dragon in front of her. Every time she met him, he would bring her a different kind of shock and surprise. It was like facing her queen, who had acute foresight that was worthy of respect.

“Milord, if you are willing, I hope you can leave planting the trees and garden design to us elves. We will definitely create a satisfying environment for you,” Sisna promptly asked for instructions.

The elven queen had asked them to station thousands of soldiers in Dragon City. This meant that thousands of elves were planning to live in this city, but they disliked dirty and human cities. They could only obey due to their queen’s orders.

But now, things were different. The mighty dragon wanted to plant trees and build a garden. This would absolutely make the elves enthusiastic. Those elves stationed in the city would be able to live near the garden. Even if it was opened for humans, it could also make the elves’ living environment more comfortable.

“Of course, in terms of the environment, I believe in your capabilities… Marches and Sisna, I will leave the supervision of the city’s reconstruction to you. This food will be the reward for those who work!”

“For those who work seriously, I will reward them with delicious food and beautiful clothes. For those who commit crimes, I will let them suffer a fate worse than death!”

Louie raised his body and roared in a majestic tone.

He expanded his wings causing people to recall the great power that covered the skies. Sisna and marches quickly lowered their heads and inwardly marveled at how different Lord Caracolon was from other dragons. He was definitely a qualified lord for being able to reward the laborers and punish the criminals.

Seeing that their respected general was being so humble, the elven maids quickly kneeled down, but they could only tremble in fear at the sight of Louie’s huge body.

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