Chapter 67 - Qualified Lord!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 67 - Qualified Lord!

Marches’ eyes were fastened on the elves when they entered.

Their skin was like crystal jade. Their slender legs and lithe bodies gave off a thought-provoking aura. They were the rarely seen elven nobles.

Marches did not dare look too long. He knew that these elves were his master’s property and hurriedly lowered his head to calm his mind.

After obtaining Louie’s promise, Marches truly wanted to do his utmost to serve this dragon. Although dragons were greedy and petty, they were also quite proud and would generally keep their promises, especially those at the primordial level.

He now swore to remain respectful to his master as a servant and did not dare have any thoughts of coveting his Louie’s belongings.

‘My master is really divine and mighty. Even that beautiful elven queen who lives in the deepest part of the Silvermoon Kingdom personally sent beauties to serve him. Even the Pope and the Emperor would be jealous of this.’

Elves that could serve the elven queen were not from ordinary families but from elven noble estates. On this point, elves were the same as other races, those with power and resources were the nobles. If their offsprings were talented, they would have them take professions, while some of those that weren’t would be sent to the royal palace to become servants.

In the human kingdoms, nobles would serve the prince and princess, but in the Silvermoon Kingdom, there was only the queen.

These elves were different from those kidnapped elves who were sold as slaves. The latter consisted of commoners. These elven noble maidens might not even be found outside of the Forest of the Moon. Although there were some bold people in history who tried their luck to capture one, those that actually succeeded could be counted on one’s fingers.

Marches secretly sighed. These elven noble maidens were different from the commoners. They received the highest level of education from birth and were taught elegant etiquette. Their every movement carried charms that far surpass the common elf and could compare against powerful elven professionals.

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Elven nobility was rare. And these noble maidens could even be called princesses in some small countries!

But now, they were sent by the elven queen to be the dragon’s servants. That elven queen’s ability was quite frightening. It was no wonder that she was able to protect the entire race for thousands of years. Humans and beastmen would covet the elves, but they could only stand at the edge of the forest and look with desire.

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