Chapter 66 - Elven Maids and City Design
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 66 - Elven Maids and City Design

More than ten female elves entered, following behind Sisna. They sauntered in silently, with the same graceful poise that cats had. Upon closer observation, Louie realized that everything from their posture to their appearances was standardized.

In contrast to the valiant Sisna who always wore leather armor, these elves wore the traditional elven attire of long skirts and fluttering sleeves. Their appearance gave off enchanting sexuality. Just like their queen, their faces were covered by a thin layer of muslin that added a bit of mystery.

Louie glanced past the thin muslin. Their slightly nervous yet delicate faces along with their trembling long ears made him exclaim in surprise.

The elves were truly abundant in beautiful people. Of the elves he had seen so far, regardless of male or female, they were all beautiful in human aesthetics. Moreover, the elves in front of him were the best of the best.

There was a difference in temperament. These elves carried a noble aura and some were quite intellectual. It gave him a strong amorous feeling.

‘Just a single one of these elves would be a top international supermodel. No, even supermodels can’t compare to them!’

Louie’s gaze swept over the maids again. He recalled the photos of famous celebrities that he had seen on the internet and compared them.

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No matter how beautiful humans were, there were still flaws in their body no matter how they maintained them. The biggest flaw was the skin that required skincare products to maintain, but doing so would make them lose their natural beauty.

These elves were different. With just a bit of face powder, their attractiveness burst out. Louie even suspected that these elves had incredibly small pores that no race could compare to. They were truly nature’s favored race in the looks department.

In fact, the experts of this world, especially the women, would always use magic or fighting aura to maintain their beauty. Ordinary women could not compare to them at all.

Although San Soliel was not highly civilized, the existence of special professions that raised mortal limits increased the number of beautiful people. No matter how an ordinary person tormented themselves, they could only lose to those with supernatural powers.

Perhaps coming to San Soliel was worth it for the beauties alone, Louie thought.

The female elves could feel Louie’s gaze on them. Although they were smiling calmly on the surface, their eyes carried apprehension and terror. It was impossible for Louie not to notice this.

The elves knew that they were actually goods given by the elven queen to Louie as greeting gifts. When they left the Silvermoon Kingdom to come to Dragon City, it meant that their entire persons already belonged to the lord of this place - the great demigod dragon.

No matter how much Louie mistreated them they could do nothing about it. Anything that they did was not related to the Silvermoon Kingdom anymore. In a way, they were now Louie’s belongings!

In fact, this was not surprising. Elves were not above the common populace. They also knew how to take initiative to befriend the strong and send out attractive members of their race to win them over.

Their race was not much nobler than the beastmen or humans. Their pride mostly came from their ancient history and relatively civilized society. They had an internal class system, just not as obvious as the humans and beastmen. The Silvermoon Kingdom was not heaven. There were many poor elves on the brink of dying from starvation.

If not for the stubbornness of the elves, Louie would have suspected that many of them would have sold their bodies just to feed themselves. In that case, they would sell like hotcakes in the major realms!

Elves also needed to eat. They did not farm because of their love for the forest, but it was impossible for them to fill their stomachs with just fruits. To balance their diets, they needed to eat a small amount of meat and a large number of coarse grains to survive. Their main source of livelihood was their aesthetics and handicraft. They were the best among all the races and sold their works to nobles of other races every year. That way they could earn money and buy food to meet the needs of the entire race.

Even Louie felt lucky that their total population only reached around a million. If their numbers were significantly more than that, they wouldn’t be able to feed their huge population without agriculture. This peace-loving race might suddenly become warmongers just to survive.

Louie watched the elves in front perform the ancient elven court salute.

Although he was now a dragon, he was still a man. Seeing that he could take these elves for himself, he was really excited.

Louie understood his own status and would act according to it. He was not someone who had a loser mentality. Not touching the beauties in front of him was simply a crime.

This was a war-ridden world where many races competed for supremacy. Talking about getting into romantic relationships, respecting the other person's dignity, or equal rights for men and women would simply make the Gods laugh their heads off.

Only strength was the truth in this world. The weak would have nothing, and the strong would have everything.

In the eyes of the people, Louie was a strong dragon, and probably the strongest creature below the Gods of this world. He was entitled to enjoy the privileges brought by his power.

For example, the ownership of these elves.

If he had no shame left from his human half, he would have already moved his claws to reach for them.

In the endless realm, even the succubi of the Abyss would need to concede in the face of a dragon.

He just needed to wait for Marches and Sisna to leave to get on with the show.

This was not the world of immortal cultivation, so he did not need to restrain himself. He just needed to do what he desired!

That said, he would still pretend when he needed to. He was now pretending to be a proud demigod dragon. After looking at the elves, he turned to Marches and Sisna while calmly taking out a huge drawing, “Sisna, I would like to thank Her Majesty’s generosity. But before that, both of you should first come over and look at my city design!”

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