Chapter 65 - You Can Really Exchange Wheat for Elven Beauties!!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 65 - You Can Really Exchange Wheat for Elven Beauties!!

Louie and Marches continued to discuss the possibilities that the foundational magic potion could bring about. On the other hand, Sisna was more interested in the miscellaneous items Louie had brought from the ship.

Compared to humans, elves were born with a great affinity for magic. Thus the incidence of elven mages within the elven population was much higher than humans.

In the end, however, elven mages were not as valued within their indigenous territories as human ones were. In the first place, as they held an affinity for nature, most elves preferred to become rangers or druids. Second, in order to advance their knowledge and abilities, elven mages would rarely have any qualms about leaving their country and traveling the continent. This weakened the race’s territory. Given the elves’ naturally low population, this proved to be an especially painful form of brain drain.

It could not be helped as mages were more of the intellectual sort, in the end. Often their concerns transcended the idea of racial conflicts, and their minds were occupied with much more pressing personal matters.

Despite the potential groundbreaking nature of Louie and Marches’ conversation, Sisna paid little attention. As she was a ranger, she did not really understand how dangerous it was.

Her focus was solely captured by the unknown fruits packed in crates. She could tell instinctively that they were edible.

She crouched down slightly and looked into one of the crates. She took care not to touch any of the items within them.

“Huh, what is this?”

Sisna picked up a multi-colored bag. It was light and smooth to the touch with images printed on it. As she pressed on it, she noticed how soft the thing inside the bag was.

Search for the original.

As an elf in a world of magic, she had not seen a plastic bag before.

“That’s bread.”

Louie was aware of her curiosity and was kind enough to tell her.


Sisna was startled. Despite her rank and status, she was quickly flustered. She dropped the bag back into the crate and immediately knelt down in apology.

“So-sorry, Lord Galakrond! I did not mean to touch your things…”

Sisna apologized sincerely. She was just curious about its contents and picked it up. At the time, she had momentarily forgotten that it was part of the dragon’s wealth.

If this invoked the dragon’s ire and caused its relationship with the elves to deteriorate, then she might just become the greatest sinner of her race.

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