Chapter 64 - You Dragons All Use Tons as a Unit of Measurement
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 64 - You Dragons All Use Tons as a Unit of Measurement

Rome was not built in a day. Although Louie knew that it was impossible to raise an army of mages overnight, the discovery of the magic origin element gave him a bit of hope.

Frankly, he was not too interested in completely upheaving San Soliel’s culture and structure. Not only would that be very difficult and expensive to implement, but it would likely cause all the Gods to become his enemies as well. Although none of them could descend at the moment for mysterious reasons, he had little doubt that if their interests were threatened enough, they’d come knocking on his door. He hadn’t any plans to play the hero.

No, that wouldn’t be a hero, but a martyr!

In any case, he hadn’t any personal interest in helping the people of San Soliel. He wasn’t the kind of revolutionary figure determined to help the people awaken their class consciousness and charge against the elite. No no no no. In Marxist thought, rather than be a helper of the proletariat, he was the blood-sucking and greedy capitalist.

So, Louie only planned to change Dragon City. Mages and spells were the best tools for this job. With the use of spells, many things could be done in a similar manner to technological cities. The development of magic would not be contrary to the world’s overall civilization.

Not only was the difficulty in raising mages high, but the resource consumption was also extreme. Even the strongest human empire would not be able to raise a team of mages. And creating a team of them was like creating a complete institution. Powerful mages would gather to form a group, and then they would integrate their resources and accept apprentices to create a new generation of magic users.

It could be said that raising mages was similar to the ancient Chinese style of raising disciples.

But Louie now had these wasabi… or, ‘Louie’s Essences’. With them, he could easily raise a large batch of law-ranked mages. Although they meant nothing to high-ranked mages, they could still be put to good use.

Because they were raised by him, he could control the resources that they used. Louie could even make high-ranked mages work for him. He could turn Dragon City into a city of magic.

If he succeeded and Dragon City became a far better place to live than the next best competitor, then he could have the inhabitants place their faith in him as a God. With that, he would have a base he could work from to gradually ascend to godhood. He would cover entire realms with his wings and have every dragon kneel in reverence to him.

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