Chapter 63 - Magic Origin Element and the God of Magic!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 63 - Magic Origin Element and the God of Magic!

“Magic origin element?” hearing these words, Louie opened his eyes wide. The name sounded quite lofty.

He looked towards Marches, whose excitement was yet to die down. The old fellow was holding one of the crops in his hands. At first Louie thought it might be a yam. After all, in many Earthen legends, yams were auspicious crops with many magical features. He was wrong, however, as a second look confirmed it to be Japanese horseradish. In other words, wasabi.

On Earth most exported wasabi was not 100% pure. Rather it consisted of horseradish or mustard mixed with some kind of neutral ingredient with food colouring added. The average person could not afford to eat pure wasabi as it was a very difficult plant to grow. It required careful control of the environment as well as delicacy in cultivation. To top it off was the two-year growth period it needed to reach maturity. In the US, a pound of wasabi could go for between $50 to $150.

‘So, it’s not yams…’

Louie was a little disappointed, but soon perked up. It did not really matter if it was yams or wasabi. Although wasabi was rarer and more expensive, it wasn’t too hard to find. He could easily find dozens of it to eat if it improved his magic power.

“Magic origin element? What is that?” Louie gazed at Marches who looked excited and asked.

“You don’t know?” said Marches before he instantly covered his mouth in fear. Redressing himself and speaking with a far more deferential tone, he continued, “Master, the magic origin element is a rare ingredient that can typically only be found in a plant called the ‘Heart of Mismisella’. It is a rare and important ingredient that can help mages advance significantly. It can be said that all mages have a close relationship with the plant.”

“You said that wasabi… I mean, the plant that you are holding has a substance that is only found in the Heart of Mismisella?”

“Yes master. This plant contains the magic origin element. This is a great discovery for the magic community. Finally there is an alternative to the Heart of Mismisella!”

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Translator Notes

Don’t ask me about the yam thing. It’s probably from a different work by the same author or a different one.

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