Chapter 69 - I Want to Sire Elven Dragons!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 69 - I Want to Sire Elven Dragons!

Dragons possessed a spell called ‘Ultimate Transformation’. Using it, they could transform into any race they so desired. According to legend, this was created by the fallen Five-colored Dragon God and passed down to his progeny as a tradition.

In Louie’s mind, the spell made no scientific sense at all. And in fact, it broke several fundamental scientific principles. He decided not to think too much about it, however. And he chalked it up to magic being incomprehensible by nature.

Louie knew that this spell was very useful, but the only weakness it had was that it was not an innate skill. In other words, not every dragon knew of this spell, and it had to be learned.

Moreover, dragons were creatures with significant levels of pride. Even when it came to mating, a majority of them were unwilling to transform into a different creature. In their understanding, other than the Gods, dragons were the noblest race.

Thus dragons were still happy to maintain a chaotic relationship with any female creature they saw. Even with their large sizes, their ability to control the size of their genitals meant that no species were out of their strike zone. Truly such a skill was the envy of every man!

In Louie’s opinion, dragons were definitely proud of their promiscuity thanks to this ability.

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Because of it, dragons could do it with any creatures except for those significantly larger than themselves.

More surprising than their promiscuity, however, was their fecundity. Up until now, dragons had mated with many humanoid and non-humanoid races. As a result, countless draconic creatures had been born. There were those that soared in the skies, those that could run across the land at great speeds, and those that could swim through the great depths of the oceans. Even Louie was amazed at the diversity of their spawn.

But there was one thing strange about all of them. All the creatures born were non-humanoid draconic creatures. There were no humanoid draconic creatures among them at all.

Did that mean that dragons could not mate with humanoid races? That was absolutely wrong. Perhaps something prevented the two kinds of genes from mixing, but dragon-humanoid hybrids had never been successfully created.

There were indeed some dragon-blood warlocks among humans who could use draconic spells as they grew older, but they were not true descendants of dragons. Rather, their ancestors were powerful legendary rank mages who had mixed dragon blood into their bloodlines and passed them on to their descendants.

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