Chapter 70 - He Who Changed Dragon City (1)
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 70 - He Who Changed Dragon City (1)

Elven laughter rang out from the city lord’s palace. It seemed as though the city lord and his consorts were enjoying themselves. The city lord’s mirth boomed through the area in bursts as he savored his flowers.

Anyone who heard it might just take out a magical sword and strike at the evil dragon due to their jealousy. But in this empty location, there was no hero, nor was there anyone daring enough to challenge a primordial dragon.


Old John the farmer wasn’t actually old at all. He had just turned 20 and had not yet even reached the prime of his life. Nevertheless, for some reason, the people of Dragon City gave him the moniker, and it stuck.

Like the majority of San Soliel’s inhabitants, Old John belonged to the commoner class. Originally, he would rise early in the morning to plow the fields and tend the crops before returning by sunset each day. He did not have any lofty aspirations or ambitions and was more interested in getting by each day with a full stomach. And though he had no noble roots, he was a lot better off than those who lived in the slums.

Before the dragon arrived, the Theocracy had been in charge of what was once called Dragon City. Old John had gotten a lot of work from them and so was grateful, both to the Church and his ancestors for being in such a good situation. The Theocracy had treated Central City’s inhabitants especially well compared to others, at the very least the commoners could survive.

Unfortunately, the peace did not last. It was to be understood. After all, Central City was desired by countless powers. But on that fateful day, Old John saw something he never thought he would live to tell the tale about.

He remembered clearly the terror he felt on that day. Soaring in the sky, thousands of meters above the city was a titanic dragon hellbent on breaching its defenses. Wielding an impossible level of power, it shattered through Central City’s barriers and set half of the city aflame.

In the following chaos, the clergymen fled and the nobility did not even dare to pack their valuables before they escaped.

At the time, and indeed even now, Old John thought them foolish. The roads away from the city were filled with countless dangers: from bandits to monsters. By fleeing in such haste, they were making a perilous journey without adequate preparation. One didn’t need to be a genius to know how the majority of them would end up.

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