Chapter 71 - He Who Changed Dragon City (2)
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 71 - He Who Changed Dragon City (2)

Old John walked out of the house after saying goodbye to his wife and children.

The morning sun beat down the fragrant earth, and the chirping of birds gave the air a delicate vibrancy.

“Morning Old John.”

“Hey, John. Heard you were transferred to the noble district to work? Is it true that the lord gives more flour and meat to those who work there?”

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“I heard that the supervisors there are all elves. Hey, are they really as beautiful as the rumors say?”

“I’ve seen some elves before, and they are really pretty regardless of their gender.”

Old John’s neighbors poured out in droves to meet him. Although their clothes were of poor quality and showed signs of obvious wear and tear, their faces glowed with radiance. And their expressions lacked the haggardness of most commoners.

Old John smiled as he greeted his neighbors.

Dragon City was indeed different from the past. The biggest impression that old John had was that it was a lot cleaner.

The streets used to be full of litter and smelled of rot and decay. This was the norm for most cities in San Soliel, and those who lived in the slums had it even worse. Comparatively speaking, nobles’ estates were quite pleasant.

However, after the great Lord Caracolon became their city lord, his first order was for the citizens to clean up the area a hundred meters around their living spaces. He did not demand that there be no trash, but that it absolutely had to be tidy. He also placed a ban on public defecation and urination outside of assigned spaces. Violators of these laws would be charged light fines, and in more serious cases, would be whipped. The city lord also declared that all commoners must bathe at least once a week.

Although the people’s daily habits had been restricted by these harsh laws, they were submissive in nature. As long as they could continue living, they would not find it difficult to comply. Moreover, they felt that their lord was quite generous. People who did not comply with his regulations were better off dead.

Dragon City did not lack water resources. It was located in the middle of the San Soliel Mountain Range with an underground river flowing through the city. This was enough to meet the needs of the city.

Given the medieval level of social development, frequent bathing was not a social norm. The vast majority of citizens failed to bathe even once a year. This wasn’t because they disliked cleaning themselves, but because the rigors of their lives meant they could barely find the time for such luxuries.

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