Chapter 72 - There Is No Eternity in Kingship, Only Gods Are Immortal!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 72 - There Is No Eternity in Kingship, Only Gods Are Immortal!

Dragon City bustled with activity as construction workers dug foundations and laid masonry under the guidance of the elves.

In many ways, medieval construction was much simpler than its modern counterpart. For instance, the towers of steel and concrete that stood tall over modern cities would make no appearance here. The highest the artisans of San Soliel could do for ordinary residences were 2 - 3 stories. And as the resource requirements were fairly basic - wood and stone - it wasn’t difficult to get the ball rolling on simple buildings.

Louie had played with the idea of using cement, but ultimately he decided against it. It was revolutionary technology to be sure and would give him an immediate short-term advantage against his competitors, but it was too easy to steal the method for creating it if he didn’t do it all by himself.

With their larger populations, nations which used cement in their construction would be able to eclipse Dragon City’s industrial output. For now, San Soliel would have to make do with the magical equivalent of cement that was already in use.

Louie’s intention was to train a group of low-ranked mages and have them use the spell [Create Cement] to manufacture batches of the substance. He would then use it to pave the roads and build better walls and houses. As other countries would be unable to copy it, he could form a monopoly on it.

The layout for the residential area was thus fairly basic for now. As he knew that many more people would join the city later on, he made sure to leave a lot of space for future expansion

As for the area closest to his nest, in other words, the noble district, Louie had carefully planned it out. It needed to be built following the exact details of his plan, so he sent his most efficient people there. Under Marches’ instruction, he began to rebuild the area.

All the houses in this city were rebuilt to be two to three stories tall in order to raise the population density. In a few years, after the population rose and Dragon City became the most yearned for on the continent, he would be able to grant accommodations to talented individuals. This way he could buy their goodwill and service.

The supervisors of the noble district were all elves. These elves were not as strict as human supervisors, but they cared more about the details. But the people who came to work here had been specially chosen from the populace. The elves were not worried that they would slack off. As long as they carefully monitored their work and did not create any hazards, it was enough.

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