Chapter 48 - Let Me Bring More Surprises to Earth!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 48 - Let Me Bring More Surprises to Earth!

Professor Johnson awoke from a trance.

Despite looking no different from before, those familiar with him would likely notice that he had different mannerisms compared to the past. This was because though he was Professor Johnson, he also wasn’t. Louie had used the Dominate Human spell to once again take over his body.

Louie had initially spared the professor and his students so that he could use them to spread the news of his existence to the world and alert other countries. This way, the American government would have to expend effort in dealing with the diplomatic aftermath of his actions. In the meantime, they would be severely limited in their means of finding and confronting him.

Step by step he managed to achieve all of his aims.

Of course, he still didn’t let his guard down. After all, he had his final trump card, which was the ability to escape to San Soliel. If things ever got bad on Earth, he’d simply head there and vice versa. In the meantime, however, he could risk exposing himself.

“Right. Now it’s time to find food.”

Professor Johnson murmured.

Since Louie had once been human, he faced no difficulties in acclimating to the new body. If he had been born a dragon then he would likely be clumsy with it at first.

The spell, Dominate Human, would leave a seed on the body of the target if cast successfully for the first time. The next time the caster wished to control the target, they could easily use the spell once again with the seed as an anchor.

Given that Earthlings had almost no resistance to spells, Louie could manipulate a person for up to several hours.

We are, find us on google.

“I didn’t think the spell could work even at such a distance. Magic is quite potent it seems.”

Louie sighed before manipulating the professor’s body to open the computer.

There were many restrictions to the spell, Dominate Human. For example, it could only dominate a single person and not a group. Additionally, the range of the spell’s initial casting was quite small. Finally, once the caster was in control of the target, they could not obtain the target’s memories and habits. Everything was up to the caster’s actions. And if they couldn’t pull a good enough impression of the host, they’d likely be discovered soon. This was why the spell was relatively unpopular.

If the Crown of Dominance did not have this spell, Louie might not have bothered to learn it.

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