Chapter 49 - Putting the United States of America in the Palm of Your Hands
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 49 - Putting the United States of America in the Palm of Your Hands

The Sonoran Desert, Arizona, United States of America, is one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America, with a total area of almost 300,000 square kilometers.

Somewhere in this arid wasteland, buried deep underneath the cracked earth was a large-scale hidden laboratory.

The security within the complex was airtight. There was a guard post every five steps, and a sentry every ten. The white spotless walls were blanketed with bright lights which spilled into every nook and cranny of the building, leaving no shadows. Every inch of the facility was monitored by cameras, and the entire building gave off an imposing presence that would chill visitors.

As the guards stood alert for any potential security problem, the researchers within the facility moved through unhindered. Each wore protective clothing.

As perhaps the most secretive laboratory in the US, it held many contents and research projects.

Standing within the center of one of the building's many tightly supervised rooms was a transparent cabinet. Within the room were various high-tech mechanical arms moving with purpose. Outside the room, however, were several scientists discussing with a military official.

“How is the research on the dragon scale going? His Excellency the President and the Secretary of Defense desire for quick progress on this.”

The soldier straightened his back and asked.

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“It is going smoothly, but understand that it will take time for its results to come out. Unfortunately, as there is only a single sample of the experimental material, we cannot employ violent but effective methodologies. The phenotypic properties of the scale are simply outstanding. It possesses hardness and ductility not to be found in any organic substance. In fact, I strongly suspect it is some kind of alloy!”

“This is definitely not something an ordinary creature on Earth can possess!!!”

Another biologist said with an excited expression.

The soldier rolled his eyes at their verbosity. That it couldn’t be found anywhere on Earth was a given. After all, it was from a dragon. Where could you find another similar material?

Nevertheless, the scientists’ words made his heart flutter slightly. At the very least they had scientifically proven that the creature was significantly different from all other creatures on Earth. They had scientifically proven that dragons existed.

“Can you crack the secret of the dragon’s genetic code?”

The soldier asked impatiently.

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