Chapter 49 - Putting the United States of America in the Palm of Your Hands
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 49 - Putting the United States of America in the Palm of Your Hands

The Sonoran Desert, Arizona, United States of America, is one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America, with a total area of almost 300,000 square kilometers.

Somewhere in this arid wasteland, buried deep underneath the cracked earth was a large-scale hidden laboratory.

The security within the complex was airtight. There was a guard post every five steps, and a sentry every ten. The white spotless walls were blanketed with bright lights which spilled into every nook and cranny of the building, leaving no shadows. Every inch of the facility was monitored by cameras, and the entire building gave off an imposing presence that would chill visitors.

As the guards stood alert for any potential security problem, the researchers within the facility moved through unhindered. Each wore protective clothing.

As perhaps the most secretive laboratory in the US, it held many contents and research projects.

Standing within the center of one of the building's many tightly supervised rooms was a transparent cabinet. Within the room were various high-tech mechanical arms moving with purpose. Outside the room, however, were several scientists discussing with a military official.

“How is the research on the dragon scale going? His Excellency the President and the Secretary of Defense desire for quick progress on this.”

The soldier straightened his back and asked.

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“It is going smoothly, but understand that it will take time for its results to come out. Unfortunately, as there is only a single sample of the experimental material, we cannot employ violent but effective methodologies. The phenotypic properties of the scale are simply outstanding. It possesses hardness and ductility not to be found in any organic substance. In fact, I strongly suspect it is some kind of alloy!”

“This is definitely not something an ordinary creature on Earth can possess!!!”

Another biologist said with an excited expression.

The soldier rolled his eyes at their verbosity. That it couldn’t be found anywhere on Earth was a given. After all, it was from a dragon. Where could you find another similar material?

Nevertheless, the scientists’ words made his heart flutter slightly. At the very least they had scientifically proven that the creature was significantly different from all other creatures on Earth. They had scientifically proven that dragons existed.

“Can you crack the secret of the dragon’s genetic code?”

The soldier asked impatiently.

With an embarrassed smile the biologist rubbed his hands, “Umm, you should understand that even the human genome isn’t considered completely deciphered, even with access to all organs and modern techniques. Deriving the dragon’s genetic sequence from its scale will likely prove impossible. After all, the scale is but an insignificant part of its body and does not carry all of its genes,” the scientist dabbed his flushed forehead with a handkerchief, “Moreover, it is… for lack of a better term, very magical. Its genes seem to be protected by some kind of mysterious power. The best we can do is only observe them, but not manipulate them.”


Hearing the biologist’s words, the soldier repeated one word. The first thing he thought of was a special power that humans could not understand. It was also the one protecting the dragon’s body structure.

Suddenly, a light flickered on the golden dragon scale that was placed inside the sealed laboratory. A mystical rune appeared on it.

“What’s going on!!!”

The biologist and soldier were startled and hurriedly asked.

The people around the place also panicked.

One of the scientists observing the scale hurriedly said, “Sir, we don’t know what happened. A strange symbol appeared on the scale. Aside from a pulse of strange energy, our systems did not detect anything else.

The scientist quickly tapped a few times on the keyboard, and a picture of the mysterious rune taken just now was enlarged on a screen.

The scholars and soldiers in the audience were all looking at each other, completely confused about the symbol.

“Maybe…… we need to find some occultists, or symbolists, or something to study it?”

The soldier who was speaking before gave his suggestion.


Louie’s consciousness descended on top of the dragon scales, and he began to observe everything around him with a peculiar perspective. He had heard everything that the biologist and soldier said.

Louie scoffed at them. A dragon was a magical creature that could not be compared to a normal animal. Even the Terran Civilization, which was capable of dimensional travel and killing many dragons as well as the Dragon God, had to create a perfect dragon body using their biotechnology. In the end, they still had to rely on the power of magic and Gods.

With Earth’s technology, wanting to study the source of a dragon’s magical ability was tantamount to a fool’s dream. If Earth had such capabilities, humanity would have long been able to travel to other dimensions!

In fact, Louie had deliberately left this dragon scale. If the government found a mysterious existence like a dragon, they would definitely search the place. Louie had left a very conspicuous scale. As long as those were serious about it, they would definitely find it.

Just as Louie expected, the American government obtained the scale and brought it back for research.

Louie also left a spell on the scale. It was a commonly used spell in San Soliel - [Protective Detection]!

This was a low-ranked spell with limited uses back in San Soliel. It allowed the caster to detect the sound, image, and other information near the casting medium. In short, it was a surveillance camera of the magic world. This magic was particularly conspicuous since mages could detect the fluctuations of magic on the medium.

This spell was at best only used to supervise work. An archmage would normally cast it at several locations in their own territory as a warning to other people that the location was under their supervision.

There was no concealment on this magic, allowing the fluctuations to be easily detected, but because there were no mages on Earth, Louie was able to take advantage of the spell and easily infiltrated one of the United States of America’s heavily guarded laboratories. This was the difference in civilizations!

The Intelligent Brain told Louie that there were still energy sources on Earth that had been scattered when the ship crashed. Leaving aside whether they could be found in the wild, if they were discovered by the government, then they would definitely collect them and store them in the most confidential research laboratories of the country for research.

Naturally, a body part of a mysterious creature like a dragon must also be top secret. So, Louie had deliberately left a dragon scale and cast a Protective Detection spell on it. And just as expected, the American government had placed his scale in a secret laboratory.

Louie thought about this and sneered. He felt pleasure at the fact that he alone had fooled the most powerful nation on Earth.

There were many intelligent human beings. But humans had not yet come into contact with creatures like dragons, so they wouldn’t know how intelligent they are. They could try to imagine it, but few would assume that he possessed a human soul and the corresponding level of cunning.

He immediately inspected the surroundings and found that the place was extremely closely guarded.

With his current strength, he would not be able to break in here whether from the front or from the back. At the very least, he had recorded the coordinates of the palace. Later, when he becomes strong enough, he would break in any time and search for the energy source. He was also anticipating more confidential information about the United States of America from his surveillance.

These laboratories had a high degree of secrecy. Even the American government did not know everything about them, but the secrets of this powerful country were easily found out by Louie’s small trick!

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