Chapter 50 - The Myth Reappears!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 50 - The Myth Reappears!

The Pacific Ocean was the world’s largest and deepest body of water. With an area of more than 100 million square kilometers, it contained countless islands and trenches. Finding a ten-meter-long object within it was far more difficult than looking for a needle in a haystack.

Dozens of meters under its waters, a golden dragon opened his eyes. Fishes panicked and attempted to flee from its vicinity, but they were downed by the creature in a single gulp.

Shutting his mouth, Louie tasted his prey. He no longer needed to worry about stomach aches as his digestive system was now extremely powerful. He could even digest inorganic substances if he wished, and he had lost most of his aversion to food that humans couldn’t eat after initially becoming a Jesus Lizard. His palate had changed, and so he no longer needed to cook things to find them tasty.

Slowly, his body floated up to the surface, and he pulled out several magic scrolls from within his scales.

“After repeated trials, this shipping route should be fine. Now, the survival of my city depends on whether I can accomplish this.”

Louie’s eyes looked straight into the distance like a thief who was about to carry out a big heist.

And indeed, he was.

He looked down at the high-rank spell scrolls in his hand. If Marches were here, he would have bemoaned how wasteful Louie was being.

But Louie himself couldn’t help it. Before this, his body was just a baby dragon with no spell-casting ability. It took a while to evolve into a juvenile dragon that could cast spells, but because of the plight of Dragon City, he had to leave San Soliel and come back to Earth to make plans.

Time simply did not give him the opportunity to learn many spells.

“When this task is over, I definitely need to properly learn magic. I might not be able to learn high-rank spells, but I should at least be able to execute low-rank ones,” Louie muttered.

Louie was able to taste how convenient it was to cast magic on Earth, and so he now had a great desire to learn magic.

“Here it comes!”

His pupils shrunk for a moment as he noticed a dark shadow in the distance.


The ocean freighter, the Neversnar, belonged to the American Shipping Company, a business that was, ironically, first listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Neversnar itself was registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Although aircraft were faster, in terms of cost and carrying capacity, sea transportation was still the world’s leading channel. Freight companies all over the world carried out the important task of importing and exporting.

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