Chapter 51: Long Live Cthulhu!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 51: Long Live Cthulhu!

The sea shook and churned behind the Neversnar. A whirlpool hundreds of meters in diameter swirled into existence, appearing to hollow out the sea. Rather than reveal the vibrant and magnificent landscapes beneath the ocean, the vortex seemed to reveal a never-ending spiral of blackness.

Several green tentacles sprung from within the whirlpool’s maw and seemed to scrape the sky. Each effused a sticky liquid which stank of rot and dripped down onto the ship.

“Monster! Monster!!”

“Quick! Get into the cabin!”

“Why did the ship stop? Hurry up and steer it away! The monster is coming!”


Pandemonium reigned on the deck as every sailor erupted into a panic. Within each heart arose a boundless fear, and every mind seemed to collapse under the incredulity of the situation.

“Ahh huh huh aa aaaa ha…”

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“Oh, God! Oh, God! It came out! How could such a thing possibly exist?!”

“I’m dreaming, right? Please tell me this is a dream……”

Someone murmured. He slapped himself twice in hopes of awakening, but the monster remained in his vision. The horizon remained distorted. In the end, he stumbled towards the cabin while screaming in abject terror.

From the raging whirlpool rose a humongous misshapen yet octopoid head. The flesh on its skull was covered in pitch black scales and oozed the same slimy liquid that coated its tentacles. As it rose its body seemed to twist upon itself as its tentacles remained pointed towards the sky.

To think that such a creature existed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Given the sheer size of the body of water, one had to wonder just how large this monster was. Rather than a proper living creature, it seemed to be a mountain of broken bones and rotting meat blended up. Such a figure seemed like some abstract product of a twisted human mind.

“Ahhhhhh, you monster! I’ll kill you!”

In the panic, someone pulled out a rifle and shot at the monster. As each bullet landed it dug into the skin of the creature, and pus-filled bubbles rose to the surface. These popped and released the same slimy liquid as the tentacles. Despite this, however, the octopoid monstrosity did not seem to react. The crew on the other hand fell into a greater panic.

People went crazy, screamed in fear, laughed at nothing, and covered their heads in pain at this indescribable terror.

In the captain’s quarters, the head of the freighter anxiously roared at his staff, “What the hell is happening?!”

“Captain… we have lost all signals and our bearing… It’s like… we’ve been isolated from the rest of the world!”

A crew member shouted in panic. The pointers on the instruments in front of him were going haywire while the computer displayed a blue screen of death.

The liaison officer picked up the microphone and anxiously called out, “This is ocean liner Neversnar, this is ocean liner Neversnar. If you can hear us, please answer. Please answer!”

He frantically changed wavelengths, attempting to find a working channel, but the only thing that could be heard from the audio was static noise. They could not contact anyone. The freighter was completely isolated from all forms of contact.

This was also the reason why they suddenly stopped the freighter. They had lost their signal. They couldn’t even locate their position through the GPS, so they did not know where to go. If they had accidentally entered a dangerous sea disaster zone, then their lives were up to fate.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing screech, reminiscent of scraping fingernails over the chalkboard, rent the air. The people inside the bridge immediately covered their ears. Through the din, the captain could still make out the sound of screams and gunshots outside. He opened the door to the deck and cursed, “We only stopped the ship! Why are you all making such a ruckus?!”

He walked onto the deck, but his eyes soon expanded as he saw the monster at the stern. Feeling his sanity slip away, he ran back to the bridge, pissing on himself in the process

“Captain, we aren’t sure of our position now. Rashly steering the ship will drive it off course.”

“Shut up you motherfucker! Can’t you see the area around us has changed?! There is a monster on the stern. Fuck, quickly set sail!”

The captain wished he could pull out his pistol and point it at his stupid first mate.


The first mate was a little confused, but after seeing the captain’s bloodshot eyes and craziness, he didn’t dare retort and hurriedly started the freighter.

The huge propeller rotated and the freighter began to move.

“The ship is moving. The ship is moving!”

“Quick, make it move faster. We must quickly leave this place! And get away from that monster!”

“Jesus Christ, I swear, this is the last time I’m going to go out to sea! I’m quitting this job when I get back. This is not a job for humans! This is not!”

“Fuck your mermaid jinx. A monster has now appeared, a real sea monster! Father, son, and holy spirit...monsters really exist. First, it was a dragon, and now this!”

“Hahaha, have I gone crazy? I just imagined Picasso’s abstract painting just now… I have truly gone crazy.”

“Guns are useless against that thing! I just shot three whole magazines and nothing happened to it. Not even a single tentacle appeared to be hurt. We need cannons. We need 400-millimeter cannons! We need Tomahawk missiles! We need nuclear weapons!”

Someone with a gun was dancing around in a craze, making everyone stay away from him, afraid that they might get shot.

“Lee, are you okay?”

A sailor hiding behind the crowd noticed the dull eyes of the person beside him. His face was white and his tongue was hanging out while mumbling something strange towards the monster.

The sailor got closer to listen, only to hear chilling words come from his mouth.

“Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!”

“Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!”

“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn!”

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