Chapter 52 - Indescribable Terror
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 52 - Indescribable Terror

The crew of the Neversnar, wrought as they were by madness and terror, were too focused on the Lovecraftian sea monster to notice the golden dragon pulsing through the sea behind them.

“Looks like things went well…”

With a satisfied chuckle, Louie sighed in relief.

By leveraging on Professor Johnson’s contacts and position, Louie had managed to obtain the information necessary to intercept this ship. As a distinguished academic, the elderly man possessed in the US a status analogous to that of a professor of Tsinghua University in China. This meant that he had numerous great scholars and captains of industry on his contact list.

Following the theory of six degrees of separation, an individual as eminent as Professor Johnson didn’t even need to go through five people before being able to get what he wanted. Just one or two was good enough.

Louie estimated Dragon City’s remaining population to be 100,000. Feeding this number of people would be difficult, especially if it was to be a continuous thing. Even if he tried to hide somewhere and control someone with access to the necessary food, their movements would still be easily traceable. And it would likely take far more time than he would like anyways.

And so he had ultimately decided to hijack a freighter carrying grains in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It would be easy to hide his traces here too. Nevertheless, though sinking a large vessel was pretty easy, hijacking one and stealing its cargo was a very technical job, and Louie did not possess the expertise necessary to do so. If he wasn’t careful, he’d lose all of the food he had worked so hard to get so far.

Louie had used two high-rank spells, [Labyrinth] and [True Illusion]. He had spent a significant amount of time thinking before choosing them out.

[Labyrinth] was a spell just like its name. It could create a maze and twist the surrounding space. In this way, trapped parties would be at the mercy of the caster.

This spell was usually used to trap an enemy or to protect an important treasure. Because the s

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