Chapter 53 - Missile Preparation!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 53 - Missile Preparation!

The frenzy on the Neversnar was heightened as the crew grew even more frantic and crazed. The sailors screamed, cursed, ran, and shoved everything and everyone they could. And even the hardiest of them had given in to despair.

Within this pandemonium, however, one crewmate retained a modicum of composure. He shook in his boots to be sure, and it was only through superhuman effort that he managed to choke down a scream, but he did not give in to the smog of terror that clouded over the ship. This sailor, shivering but resolute, held on to his phone and silently recorded the happenings before him. The Lovecraftian monster was perfectly captured in high definition.

“As long as… as long as I post this video on the internet… I can definitely gain many views and subscribers… I should be able to make money off of this, ha… hahaha. I’ll never come to sea again… It’s too crazy here.”

Saying this, the sturdy man sobbed, but his desire to get rich compelled him to continue filming. Since everyone was still obsessed with the dragon in the Amazon, he believed that seeing this would also make him wealthy. And he needed the money.

Inside the bridge, the captain of the ship was roaring, “What’s going on! Why aren’t we moving?!”

In absence of any incoming signals, the ship was like a blind man wandering through a thick forest. It had no means of determining its bearings, and the immense heft of the vessel meant the crew could not tell which direction the currents pushed them in.

The octopoid monster let out a sharp scream, eliciting a new round of wails from the Neversnar’s crew. Observing the unchanging and distorted scenery, the captain recalled the horrific landscapes he had seen in many movies and video games.

“Captain… our ship should be moving… it should be, but we can’t get away no matter how we move. It seems like we’re spinning in the same place, or maybe the ocean is moving with us.”

The first mate was also crying with snot coming out of his nose. Although their signal was unable to reach the outside world, they could sti

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