Chapter 54 - Great Old One!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 54 - Great Old One!

Louie had only hesitated for a second before heading towards the two destroyers.

That minuscule delay was because he was unsure if their sonar systems would detect him when he swam over.

While tough, his body still couldn’t withstand the bombardment of missiles. And he was not fast enough to evade supersonic artillery either. Given that, he decided to act cautiously. He dove a few hundred meters deeper into the ocean. Given the pressure and his ease at maneuvering underwater, he felt a renewed burst of confidence at being able to escape if need be.

Fortunately, the two destroyers did not notice Louie’s approach at all. Instead, their attention was focused on the distant blurred space.

Louie relaxed and activated the Aura of Fear spell and took out two more magic scrolls.

“I only have a few magic scrolls left,” he sighed, “I can only use some low-ranked spells now. These things are really expensive to use... It’s better if I learn magic myself later.”

Louie felt a bit of regret at using his own magic scrolls, but it couldn’t be helped after all.

Although he could incapacitate one of the destroyers with his dragon railgun, the other could respond quickly and bombard him in return. That would put him in danger and associate him with the octopus monster he had summoned.

“Hmmm hmmmm hmmmm, be influenced by the twisted will!”

While humming, Louie began to activate the spirit-type spells to influence the officers on the destroyer.

Modern destroyers were different from war-era destroyers. To be more accurate, they were classified as missile destroyers, and they sported tremendous combat power.

At the captain’s command, the destroyer’s hatch opened, and a missile inside was revealed.

Although modern destroyers had strong combat power, modern warfare was practically a war of money if one thought about it. After all, a single Tomahawk missile could cost up to a million dollars.

“Zoom in on the image,” the captain ordered.

On a huge screen inside the ship, an image of the blurred space was magnified several times. The spectato

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