Chapter 47 - The World Searches for the Dragon!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 47 - The World Searches for the Dragon!

Gui Bin looked unhappily at the takeaway he had ordered. He had been looking forward to it, but though his stomach was still rumbling with hunger, orders were orders. He could only endure the pangs and make his way out of the house.

Riding in the backseat of a taxi, Gui Bin closed his eyes to rest. He was not an idiot. He had rarely seen the department head in person ever since he had joined. And now that he had received such urgent summons, he knew that this likely led back to the video from earlier.

He felt a vague excitement. Although there was no guarantee that the event was real, and that it was merely a means for the US to cover up something else, this might perhaps be the only genuine supernatural occurrence the department had ever faced. It was exactly the sort of thing that he had always wanted to find.

He calmed himself again.

It didn’t take long for the cab to arrive at the city hall. As the department had little to no staff, their lack of official office space couldn’t be helped. Whenever they needed to convene they would find an empty room in the city hall and discuss the latest scammers and frauds they had found out. After finishing the meeting they’d have dinner together before returning to their homes.

The department kept a large database of ‘supernatural’ practitioners. This made it easy to understand each situation of fraud by consulting their records. The proceeding investigation could then continue more smoothly.

After showing his ID to the guard, Gui Bin walked towards an isolated conference room inside the building. This was their usual point of gathering, and it had eventually become something like their office.

Now, however, the conference room was quite different from what it normally was. Previously it would be a simple walk to the room with no interruptions to speak of, but now the corridor was packed with numerous guards. He had to undergo a thorough body search and detailed investigation of his identity before he could enter.

“Little Gui is here. Everyone has been waiting for you.”

There was a s

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