Chapter 46 - Shocking the World
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 46 - Shocking the World

Clicking on the video, Gui Bin readjusted himself on his chair and began to watch. The first thing he saw was a dense jungle and a group of foreigners accompanied by the military. Their pace through the forest was quick but thorough as they examined the wildlife. They did not speak much, but from their occasional words, he could place their accent. Gui Bin tagged them as American.

“Thank you for Greenie’s translation!”

“What kind of video is this? Don’t tell me it’s another marketing scheme.”

“I’ll pretend to be Greenie!”


Looking at the chat pop-ups in this video, Gui Bin smiled in amusement. Perhaps the popups were the most interesting thing about this website after all.

“What is this video? Is it a movie trailer or a documentary? Oh, a real-time filming technique was used,” Gui Bin muttered. He checked its length and saw that it was only twenty minutes long. Far too long for a trailer but still too short for a standard movie. He assumed it was a documentary and continued watching.

The beginning of the video was fairly boring. As a member of the Department of Mysteries, Gui Bin had to have several skills, and so he also understood English to a degree. He was young and with an active mind. Even if the department was mostly ignored, he still possessed many competencies that most others lacked. Sometimes he felt as though he was born in the wrong place and time. Otherwise, he might have been able to make it big.

“High-energy ahead!”

“Continuous high-energy ahead!”

“Please prepare yourself!”


Seeing the screen full of pop-ups, Gui Bin subconsciously sat up straight. Even his breathing slowed down as he stared in anticipation.

Soon, the shaky video stopped shaking. In front of the screen, an elegant and majestic golden dragon appeared. It was resting on the ground at the moment. After noticing the cameraman and team, the dragon raised its head and gazed at them with its cold slit pupils.

Through the screen alone Gui Bin began to feel fear as the video progressed. His breathing was stifled, and his heartbeat accelerated as though some kind of magic was cast on him.

“WICKED!!!” he muttered, completely incredulous.

At the same moment, many people were also expressing their shock as can be seen from the pop-ups.

“Crap. So scary. This dragon is just like the real thing.”

“Haha, I actually almost peed myself.”

“This is too cool! Which company did it? Is Hollywood at this level?”

“Too lifelike.”

“This dragon is covered in gold, I approve, it’s very dragon-like!”


But unlike everyone else who marveled at the special effects, Louie was feeling a completely different emotion. Shock.

“This is not created post-production!”

As a person with skills in post-production, Gui Bin could tell that this video was completely unedited. The cinematography was clearly amateurish, and creating a dragon with such a level of detail would require vastly more computing power than any company could provide.

There were many people with the same thoughts as Gui Bin, but no matter how they explained this through the pop-ups, there were more people who scoffed at them, because if this was not a movie, it meant that there was a real dragon on Earth.

This rebuttal truly made them speechless.

In the next moment, the dragon approached the cameraman to reveal its majestic yet terrifying appearance. When it spoke human-like words, the pop-ups on the screen went crazy.

“The dragon has spoken!!”

“Greenie, please translate what the dragon said!”

“Translate your fart! No one has heard this language before. It’s simply non-existent. Well, maybe this is the dragon’s language.”

This was an unintentional discovery of the truth.

“Crap, it can speak English!! This is American English, right?!”

“My ten years of learning English is wasted. I simply could not compare to a dragon!”

“Mom, I want to learn English from the dragon.”

“What the hell? What is this Language Understanding spell? It is real magic?”

“Do not believe in these lies!”


The pop-ups were sometimes amusing. The serious atmosphere was instantly dispersed with the gags from them.

Next, just like a movie plot, the American soldiers who thought they were invincible began to attack the dragon. A massacre had occurred, and the following scenes were heavily censored with mosaics. Despite this, however, everyone could tell what lay behind those red pixelated blotches.

If it was truly a doctored production, it was an inhumanly realistic one. Every facet of the video, from the spray of blood and viscera to the screams of the slaughtered soldiers seemed completely realistic. After the dragon flew up and annihilated three helicopters, the video ended.


“Dragon breath! That is definitely dragon breath!!”

“Can anybody tell me what that light the dragon spat out at the end is??”

“>< The dragon flew so beautifully. This is simply unseen before!”


The number of pop-ups became lesser towards the end of the video. It was as if everyone was immersed in the massacre. Watching this video made them feel as if they were at the scene of the massacre as their bodies let out cold sweat.

That was until the last pop-up appeared across the center of the screen which truly chilled everyone’s hearts.

“I am a Chinese living in Brazil. Today, the local newspaper reported that a large amount of U.S. troops, helicopters, tanks, and a biochemical team appeared. This video was first uploaded on U-Tube. It’s already a hot topic of discussion in other countries!”

Seeing this, Gui Bin immediately breached the Great Firewall of China and checked foreign websites. He found that the netizens of the world were caught in a great discussion. This matter had completely blown up the world!

“This can’t be real……”

Gui Bin murmured. He leaned back in his chair and finally noticed that his doorbell had been ringing for some time now. His takeout had arrived a while ago.

He hurriedly went to open the door, apologized to the delivery boy, and collected his meal.

After returning inside the room, Gui Bin put down the takeaway and prepared to eat when his phone suddenly rang.

Seeing the caller ID, Gui Bin was stunned, because the person calling was the leader he had not seen for a long time,

‘Could it be related to that video?’

Thinking like this, Gui Bin answered the call.

The leader did not waste any time and simply said, “Gui Bin, put down anything you are doing right now. Come to the office right now!!”

Translator Notes

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Author Notes:

Normal people who encounter a ‘system’ would definitely use it even if there were problems. The premise in this system was for the protagonist to become a different species.

Buf if they became an immortal god, he has to be wary of becoming a slave/puppet. A dragon’s life is long compared to a human's. He would naturally be wary of the intelligent brain turning him into a puppet for all eternity. That cost would be too much.

I also gave the protagonist a normal IQ. He would doubt and call things into question. Naturally, if he needed to use the system, he would still do so.

The system was a shortcut to becoming stronger, so there was no need for complete aversion