Chapter 45 - Spreading to the World
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 45 - Spreading to the World

The Amazon jungle had never been so lively.

A number of American researchers were scouting the area, hoping to find leads on the dragon.

After signing a strict confidentiality agreement, they were each given the opportunity to view the classified footage of the dragon as well as learn of everything that had happened. Each of them had jumped on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and was searching the forest with gusto.

The primary search locations were the places where the dragon had appeared and disappeared. At both locations, teams of biochemists in hazmat suits were carefully collecting and storing away any remains left by its breath. These samples were carefully packaged in hopes of shedding more light on the creature’s nature.

Another team was examining the remains of its electric attack. These professionals worked to quantify the threat level the dragon represented. At the same time, they were responsible for transporting the corpses of the deceased back home for a proper burial.

Half a day of careful searching yielded little useful information, and the teams prepared to close for the time being. Inquiries into the nature of the portal that had taken the dragon away also yielded little useful information.

Suddenly someone noticed a potential breakthrough in the search.

“Look here!”

His companions quickly gathered around. It was a gold-colored scale stained with dirt. Those who had seen the videos immediately recognized it as belonging to the dragon!

"Quickly place it in storage!"

The scale was carefully packaged and stored away in a secure safe. Afterward, they informed the military of their discovery.

It didn’t take long for several helicopters to fly in. A team of heavily armed elite soldiers took possession of the safe and left quickly. Their greatest harvest was probably this scale, which proved the existence of the giant dragon as well as magic!

But no one noticed the magic rune that suddenly flashed on the dragon scale when it was placed in the safe. It faded quickly and left no traces.

After the helico

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