Chapter 45 - Spreading to the World
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 45 - Spreading to the World

The Amazon jungle had never been so lively.

A number of American researchers were scouting the area, hoping to find leads on the dragon.

After signing a strict confidentiality agreement, they were each given the opportunity to view the classified footage of the dragon as well as learn of everything that had happened. Each of them had jumped on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and was searching the forest with gusto.

The primary search locations were the places where the dragon had appeared and disappeared. At both locations, teams of biochemists in hazmat suits were carefully collecting and storing away any remains left by its breath. These samples were carefully packaged in hopes of shedding more light on the creature’s nature.

Another team was examining the remains of its electric attack. These professionals worked to quantify the threat level the dragon represented. At the same time, they were responsible for transporting the corpses of the deceased back home for a proper burial.

Half a day of careful searching yielded little useful information, and the teams prepared to close for the time being. Inquiries into the nature of the portal that had taken the dragon away also yielded little useful information.

Suddenly someone noticed a potential breakthrough in the search.

“Look here!”

His companions quickly gathered around. It was a gold-colored scale stained with dirt. Those who had seen the videos immediately recognized it as belonging to the dragon!

"Quickly place it in storage!"

The scale was carefully packaged and stored away in a secure safe. Afterward, they informed the military of their discovery.

It didn’t take long for several helicopters to fly in. A team of heavily armed elite soldiers took possession of the safe and left quickly. Their greatest harvest was probably this scale, which proved the existence of the giant dragon as well as magic!

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But no one noticed the magic rune that suddenly flashed on the dragon scale when it was placed in the safe. It faded quickly and left no traces.

After the helicopter flew away, several hidden squads in the distance stopped their observation.

“Sir! That’s all we can shoot. I just spotted intelligence squads from Russia, France, England, and a few other countries.”

A young Chinese agent put away his tools and whispered to the middle-aged man beside him.

“Okay. With this much movement by the American government, others are sure to notice it. It seems they couldn’t afford to move slowly, even if it meant tipping everyone else off...”

The middle-aged man rubbed his chin with his hand and watched the group of helicopters fly away.

“Well, let’s just send this information to the higher-ups and let them deal with the specifics. It’s not our place to ask such questions.

“Understood, sir!”

The young man taking the video nodded and turned to the workstation next to him. He began to operate it with a professional deftness.

At the same time, other intelligence agencies from around the world were doing the same thing. Because their activities were so high-profile, it was obvious that something big was happening in the Amazon.

But there was no need for other countries to find ways to dig up information. Soon, they would find out why the American forces would send such a large force in the Amazon jungle because this matter had already spread on the internet.


Beijing, China--

Early in the morning, Gui Bin stretched and got up from the bed. With a snort, he pulled open the curtains to let the brilliant sunlight outside shine into his small room.

After picking up his cell phone to order take-out, he walked to the washroom and cleaned himself up.

Gui Bin was a freelancer on the surface. He would take on any work such as writing essays, shooting videos, and editing videos. But he had a secret special identity - he was a member of the Department of Mysteries under the Ministry of National Defense. His work was to investigate mysterious events happening around the world.

It was a low-brow department with little prestige. It neither made money nor received much of it. In fact, its name was often forgotten.

All of the world’s major governments had such departments. Although they were in a scientific world, no one could guarantee that the supernatural did not exist. The role of these departments was to fully explore these possibilities.

But unfortunately, after so many years, no one had found any supernatural events. Those who claimed to have supernatural powers were all scammers. Those few people who seemed to have supernatural abilities were just more susceptible than others. They were not supernatural abilities at all.

Gradually, these departments had become dispensable. Their annual funding was barely enough to allow them to exist.

The most inevitable thing was that, because it was a department in researching the supernatural, things had to be kept extremely confidential, especially when they were under the Ministry of Defense. Even inside the system, not many people know about the existence of this department. It was simply hard to tell people that the country had a department that investigated the supernatural. If a government’s official position regarding the supernatural was that it did not exist, then such a department would be a slap on the face for them. The people might even begin to suspect how their tax money was used.

Therefore, although Gui Bin was in the system, there was no structure in it. This also meant that he did not need to go to an office and work. The department even allowed him to do part-time work to support himself.

Gui Bin also thought that this was not a bad job. He could just consider himself as a true freelancer, waking up and sleeping whenever he wanted. As part of the Department of Mysteries, he was quite a capable person. He could work part-time jobs every month and receive a state salary on top of it. Although the salary was very little, it was better than nothing. He was happy staying in the capital every day.

After washing up, Gui Bin sat down in front of a computer. He began to browse the internet for anything interesting.

When he opened the top videos leaderboard, he noticed the video that was ranked at the top.

“Eh? This video was just uploaded today? The number of views is quite high.”

Gui Bin looked at the title...

《Shocking! A Legendary Dragon Appeared in the Amazon Jungle!》

It’s another clickbait!

This was his first thought, but seeing that the video was in first, he still decided to take a look.

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