Chapter 44 - Teleportation Spell
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 44 - Teleportation Spell

After finding the dragon, the Secretary of Defense had mobilized all available satellites to track and confirm its location. This would be maintained until they managed to deploy weapons that were powerful enough to capture it. It would be a difficult job, and losing track of the dragon even once would mean finding it would be even more difficult the next time. Nevertheless, they carried on their search.

Despite making short work of the initial forces, the Americans were far from dissuaded. After all, those were but the tiniest sliver of its true military might. And many other, more powerful weapons lay in their stockpiles.

The screen portrayed the dragon lumbering through the forest towards the north, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The head of the observation team did not know what the dragon was going to do. He asked for a cup of coffee while the others continued to stare at the screen, recording the dragon’s trajectory from time to time.

“Why doesn’t it fly? Why does it insist on running?”

A curious official raised the question and was met with silence as no one responded. Everyone else was equally as stumped.

Judging from how the dragon annihilated three Apache helicopters earlier, they had all seen how fast it could fly, but somehow it preferred running in the jungle instead of flying.

After advancing a certain distance, the dragon stopped. The observation team zoomed onto its location, thinking that they could make out its actions more clearly. The creature appeared to be standing still while chanting something.

Suddenly, an illusory doorway arose in front of it. The door seemed to be made of gray light and was embossed with numerous cryptic runes. Following its appearance, the dragon stepped into the doorway. When its body completely disappeared, the door of light rapidly shrunk and disappeared. The observation team had lost the dragon.


The observation team stood up in alarm.

“Quick, get me a read on the immediate surroundings. Find that dragon!” the head ordered.

There was a

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