Chapter 437 - The United States of America That Dare Not Seek Death Again
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 437 - The United States of America That Dare Not Seek Death Again

“Eh? Here we go again…”

The President of the USA felt a headache coming along. As his country was fairly new, it didn’t possess the rich and ancient cultural traditions that other states did.

The president took the documents and opened a few pages. He saw that the research department had precisely recorded the location of the meteorites of Jupiter LXVI after it had been destroyed.

There was one in the Antarctic, one in Europe, one in Africa, one in Asia, and one in America, specifically in Hawaii.

After flipping through the document’s general contents, the president took a deep breath and closed it.

If it was the United States of America from before, he would have already sent out aircraft carriers in order to salvage the meteorite. Then he would have used political and economic means to ask other countries to send their meteorites within their borders for study.

But now…

“From now on, increase the danger level of everything related to the supernatural to the highest level. No matter what research is done, Homeland Security must report to me, the president, and only after the White House agrees can the research be done.”

“We have underestimated these supernatural forces for far too long. Henceforth we can no longer be reckless in the investigation of supernatural affairs.”

The United States government was strong, and it definitely wasn’t stupid. Not long ago, they had almost killed off the entire human race, how could they still act dangerously after such a close shave?

“Don’t take the initiative to salvage the meteorite. The powerful old man warned the Chinese government to not touch these falling meteorites. Things that require expertise should be solved by professionals. Since the old man said so, we will comply.”

“However, in case this is a deception and conspiracy by the Chinese government against us, Homeland Security and the CIA will monitor the landing site of these meteorites. Check if the Chinese government will try to recover them. If they do, we will also follow closely and salvage the one in Hawaii.”

After a pause, the president continued, “Even if we don't salvage it now, I have a vague sense of unease about this meteorite. The Pacific Seventh Fleet should cruise around Hawaii to monitor the situation at all times.”

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“Yes, Mr. President!”

After the new Homeland Security director heard the president’s orders, he was greatly relieved.

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