Chapter 436 - Civilization Needs Faith
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 436 - Civilization Needs Faith

“Thank the gods for the gift that allows us to continue to live on this beautiful planet.”

“How magnificent, so spectacular, how grand! This is the might of a God from the east!”

“Across the world, I, God of the Eastern Sky Taiyi, am invincible.”

“It's a loong! It's the Yingloong! I have finally seen a real loong in my lifetime!”

“Now this is the majesty and dignity of a loong! It’s not like the renditions in 《Journey to the West》 where the loongs are simply a bunch of reptiles.”

“The loong inside 《Journey to the West》 isn't a true loong. Take a look, they don’t even have wings!”

“Those who have been deceived by modern novels should read more books from the Qin and Han dynasties. These are the most magnificent chapters of Chinese civilization. I hate those who treat novels as real stories. Simply incorrigible.”

The Fengshan ceremony was so important that not everybody knew that it was happening. It was only after Taiyi had manifested and destroyed the moon to save humanity that the event was made public.

The video taken by the astronauts of the ISS of the giant palm extending through the universe became the world’s major news topic. The God of the Eastern Sky and the Yingloong of ancient Chinese civilization was thrust into the global spotlight.

The Christian God, Islam’s Allah, and Buddhist Sakyamuni were all famous and widely known. On the other hand, the ancient Chinese gods such as Fuxi and Nuwa were only circulated within China and were even devoid of faith.

China’s name (Hua Xia) came from these ancient gods. Hua originated from Huaxu, the mother of Fuxi. While Xia signified the greatness in the ceremonial etiquette of the ancients After a long time, these two merged into one meaning, and that was the Chinese people. Though this ancient nation did not perish, its citizens forgot their original identity as the ages passed.

After the appearance of the Taiyi, the Chinese government made up its mind. Taking in the essence of Xia, many ancient rituals gradually regained popularity. The ancient traditional costumes once again became the norm during important festivals and ceremonies. This civilization that no longer had unique characteristics finally found its own heel and revived the glory of the ancients.

People couldn’t be without faith, but China had always been without one. After the appearance of Taiyi and the Yingloong, the ancestral faith was once again reignited. The Yellow Emperor’s tomb and other places had also become shrines for people to worship.

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