Chapter 435 - Grasping the Sun and Moon
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 435 - Grasping the Sun and Moon

It was a magnificent scene that could not be replicated even by Hollywood technology. With the threat of Jupiter LXVI, some of the wealthiest individuals had already boarded spacecraft and been launched into space. Asides from them, only the astronauts working in the ISS were able to properly see the spectacular apparition before them.

The hand of the God of Eastern Sky seemed to be the incarnation of the sun. It shone with a blazing gleam that forced all who tried to look at it directly to avert their gazes. Between the five fingers, there seemed to be infinite stars that glittered brightly. At this moment, many mythology experts were in awe.

The giant hand eventually grew thousands of kilometers big, to the point that many suspected that if it were to smack down on the Earth, many countries would disappear off the map.

With a wave of his hand, he would sweep away peaks, flip over the seas, annihilate countries, and even suppress the universe and the stars. Such a power was worthy of the Supreme God of Chinese civilization.

“God!!! There really is such an incredible existence in this world!”

“Such a being cannot be called living at all. Carbon-based life or silicon-based life is nothing in front of this incomparable existence.”

“This is a ‘God’! I’m afraid that’s the only way to describe it!”

“Miracle, this is truly a miracle!”


On the International Space Station, astronauts trembled in their suits as they watched through the small glass window and captured the scene with cameras in their hands.

On Noah’s Ark that was rushing back to Earth, the members were dumbfounded as they looked at the sea of light. Their ship seemed like a small leaf boat within an ocean of brilliance.

Jupiter LXVI was a satellite that had the potential to exterminate human beings, but it was only a small percent of the size of this giant palm. It was so small that it was not even worth mentioning in front of the titanic appendage. With a gentle grip, the satellite was instantly turned into cosmic dust.

The evil god that was the satellite let out a loud roar. Although it was reduced to ashes, several dark claims moved past the giant hand and accelerated toward Earth.

In itself, Jupiter LXVI would have needed about two days to reach Earth, but after its destruction, it was reduced to small meteorites and broke through Earth’s atmosphere in just a few minutes.

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