Chapter 434 - Chinese Dragon (Loong)
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 434 - Chinese Dragon (Loong)


A roar that shook the very air erupted from the distance. The many individuals on the ground all simultaneously turned their eyes to the heavens, hoping to discover what had released such a primal cry. And they indeed discovered it. Breaking through the tufts of white vapor in the atmosphere was a brilliant yellow Eastern dragon. Its form was lithe and noble, its size constantly shifting between large and small.

“A loong! It’s a loong!”

The sacred creature had appeared under the sunrise. Its roar resounded continuously between heaven and earth. The clouds, the animals, and even the plants seemed to be bowing down in worship. Tens of thousands of people living and staying around Mt. Tai let out emotional cries of excitement. Some even kneeled on the ground and cried. Even trained soldiers could not help but tremble as tears flowed down their faces.

This was a loong, a creature of worship in China. Although Chinese people called themselves ‘heir of loongs’, this statement only appeared in the twentieth century, but this phrase had already deeply rooted itself in the hearts of the Chinese people.

“Horns like a deer, eyes like a rabbit, ears like a cow, neck like a snake, belly like a mirage, scales like a carp, claws like an eagle, and palms like a tiger. It has 117 scales with 81 of yang essence and 36 of yin essence. Its voice is like a screeching copper plate. It has a beard around its mouth and pearls under its jap. Below the throat are the reverse scales. Ah, this is really our symbol, a loong!”

A scholar's heart and soul trembled. He murmured in one breath as his knees went weak and he knelt down.

‘Heaven, earth, king, parents, teachers, the ancients only kneel to these five characters. The loong was both heaven and earth. Kneeling before this noble loong was in line with Chinese rites.

“This… This dragon has two wings on the back?”

A member of the Dragon Group was also lost in thought as he looked at the dragon in the sky. Seeing that it had a pair of wings on its back, it looked a bit like

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