Chapter 392 - The Queen’s Invitation
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 392 - The Queen’s Invitation


A six-armed snake demon - a marilith - slithered as it charged toward Louie with weapons on each of its six arms. Its aura of chaos and decay spread filled the earth. Louie looked away slightly as divine power gathered on the dagger in his hand. Then he casually slashed toward the snake demon.

The marilith was shaken, but seeing that Louie’s movements were very slow and very casual, it was overjoyed. With one arm, it held a weapon to block Louie’s dagger, while the others swung and slashed at Louie.

It had already begun to imagine the scene of Louie’s body being split into pieces. It shivered at the thought of the delicious taste of his blood. For demons, blood and massacre were their reason for existence. Only in a state of killing could they feel pleasure.

However, when this thought just rose, the marilith felt pain in her body. Her hideous writhing figure stiffened in place. And in the next instant, a line appeared from its forehead down to its body, slicing it in perfect halves.

Before its consciousness disappeared, it tried to comprehend what had happened, but alas, it would never fully understand.

This was the true use of divine power. It was the ability to overturn what was impossible. Even weak gods who were not good in close combat could easily exterminate all mortals if they were willing to spend their divine power.

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The so-called mortal who had the ability to slay gods would never appear in the world of San Soliel. If this situation ever happens, it wasn’t that mortals were powerful but the gods themselves had some problems.

True gods were simply unbeatable.

Loue’s killing incarnation wreaked havoc and slaughtered abyssal powerhouses in the entire 570th layer of the Abyss. In the blink of an eye, the entire layer was plunged into panic and bloodshed.

But this was done not without a cost. The divine power stored within the incarnation was getting less and less. Before this, Louie had already used up a portion of this body’s divine power to kill the Goddess of Magic. Then he quickly rushed to the main continent to rescue Alexia and cut off the Succubus Queen’s horn.

Now that he had come to the Abyss and used divine power to kill one powerful demon after another, the divine power of this body had reached its limit.

‘This incarnation had already obtained a lot of battle results, but it’s too inefficient in slaughtering demons. At this speed, I don’t know how long it would take for me to completely comprehend the power of order.’

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