Chapter 393 - The Succubus Who Was Driven Crazy
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 393 - The Succubus Who Was Driven Crazy

The words of the Succubus Queen Melcanthet were true!

As a true god, he had the ability to distinguish lies unless it was a god of equal or higher rank or those who had the divine authority of lies like the Prince of Lies.

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However, the rank of this demon lord was not enough to deceive Louie unless she used a series of plots and tricks.

Thus Louie knew that if he nodded his head in agreement right now, he could head to the succubus’ palace and have some sex.

Excited? To be honest, Louie was really a bit excited. He was not a god that did not have any desires. The true gods of the world of San Soliel all possessed their own desires. Facing the Succubus Queen’s invitation to share a bed, any normal person would be excited.

‘Impressive. After discovering that her ability to charm people is not working for me, she gave up on using it and directly invited me. Truly worthy of being a succubus. This invitation is not a false temptation, but a genuine one.’

Louie felt overwhelmed. The Succubus Queen was truly worthy of even the Spider Goddess’ courting.


Louie lowered his head to take a look at his own incarnation. He now had the appearance of a ten-year-old and he would not be able to change forms anymore because he was out of divine power. It was possible that his sexual aspect was not enough.

As a demon who grasped a person’s desires, Melcanthet could naturally see through Louie’s thoughts. She knew that the god in front of her was moved.

For the Succubus Queen, it was all good as long as the other party was moved. Her worst fears would be if they were not excited.

“Giggle Giggle Giggle~~~ Your Highness Louie’s current appearance is also to my liking.”

Melcanthet giggled. Her delicate body seemed to shake. She stretched out her pink tongue and licked her lips. She placed her delicate finger on her lips in a seductive way, as if he wanted to eat Louie all up.

The Succubus Queen sat in mid-air and crossed her slender legs. Her delicate foot that had bright burgundy polish inched forward like a thorny rose.

Her foot arched showing her elegant ankles and the faint veins on her heels. The Succubus Queen opened her mouth and exhaled like an orchid, “Why do we have to fight and kill, Your Highness Louie! As long as you are willing to put aside your prejudices with me, you can have a taste, and I will do my best to serve you.”

Melcanthet slowly moved her big toe from her other big toe to her thighs with the intention to provoke excitement. Anyone would wish to kneel at her feet and kiss her.

Louie did not say anything but stayed silent. The most silent he was, the more Melcanthet laughed happily.

Suddenly, Louie also laughed. His laugh was so cold and piercing like a killing machine.

“Taste them? What a great idea. Then let me cut them off with my dagger and take them back for a taste. I will lightly and slowly enjoy them and place them with that horn of yours.”

Louie’s words were quite perverted, but his actions were very decisive. He leaped up with the dagger in his hand once again blooming with sharp and cold killing intent.

Melcanthet’s expression immediately changed. She quickly took out her long whip and lashed at Louie who was aiming for her thighs. If she was negligent, one of her legs would definitely be cut off at the root and become part of his collection.

As she waved her arm, the whip called ‘Lover’s Lash’ rolled towards Louie. In the 570th layer of the Abyss, Melcanthet possessed virtual godhood. Facing Louie's incarnation that did not have much divine power left, she did not have to worry about losing. This was also the reason why she was willing to appear in front of Louie.

Louie did not think that his current incarnation could do harm to Melcanthet. He did not resist and allowed the long whip to bind him. The corner of his mouth raised up, revealing a cold smile, “Melcanthet, the grudge between us is not over. I will return.”

Suddenly, Louie’s incarnation seemed to contact. He could not even maintain form and became somewhat illusory. Seeing this, Melcanthet was shocked and quickly shouted, “Careful, he wants to self-destruct]!”

No one needed Melcanthet to tell them what was happening. Her succubus maids had already retreated far away when Louie rushed in.


Louie condensed the last bit of divine power in his incarnation and then violently released it. In an instant, a divine shockwave spread that engulfed everything within a kilometer like a cannonball explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Louie’s incarnation had disappeared. The ground bubbled like sulfuric acid. The Abyss had the power to corrode all matter within it, and a god’s divine power was more dominant than the Abyss. When Louie exploded, the divine power that burst out would erode even the Abyss.

The amount of divine power left in his incarnation wasn’t much. This degree of destruction was only capable of inflicting some injuries on Melcanthet. The Succubus Queen looked at the disappearance of Louie’s incarnation with an ugly expression, without the joy of defeating a true god.

This level of victory did not mean anything to the gods. As long as their true bodies had not died and as long as people placed their faith in them, the gods would not mind it as they could just create another incarnation. If one incarnation was enough to distract Melcanthet, then if Louie sent more incarnations to fight here, the Succubus Queen would soon go crazy.

Especially after offending a true god, the Succubus Queen did not even dare leave her territory. If she left without the virtual godhood to support her, she would have to face a god who possessed the divine authority of killing. Her chances of survival would be meager.

“This madman is even crazier than demons!”

Melcanthet gritted her teeth. In the past, demons had offended gods before, but the gods had no interest in the Abyss. Most of them simply had to pay some price in exchange for the forgiveness of the gods, and because there weren't any benefits in the Abyss, finding trouble with a demon lord was just a waste of their divine power.

Melcanthet had already prepared to offer her body to this god so that the other side would not continue to trouble her. Who would have thought that this dragon would not just take this offer and wanted to continue to fight with her?

Now, the Succubus Queen truly did not know what to do. Should she find a partner to fight against the true god? Most likely, the other demon lords would be happy that she had offended a true god and would only help her speed up her downfall.

Demons were creatures that could not be trusted as long as they could harm others. Even if they were told to do something disadvantageous, they would be happy to do it. It could be said that demons were chaotic creatures with no moral values.

After taking one deep look at the place where Louie disappeared, Melcanthet opened the portal back to her palace. What happened here could not be hidden and it would not take long for demon lords close to her to find out. Even the Incubus Lord who was trying to steal the title of ruler would find out. She now needed to think of a way to hold on to her power.

If she lost the war, she knew that she would end up in a bad place. Becoming a slave for another demon lord was still considered lucky, but the greater possibility was that everything she owned would be taken away and she would be killed.

Demons did not fear death, but they would not allow the loss of their own power!

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