Chapter 393 - The Succubus Who Was Driven Crazy
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 393 - The Succubus Who Was Driven Crazy

The words of the Succubus Queen Melcanthet were true!

As a true god, he had the ability to distinguish lies unless it was a god of equal or higher rank or those who had the divine authority of lies like the Prince of Lies.

However, the rank of this demon lord was not enough to deceive Louie unless she used a series of plots and tricks.

Thus Louie knew that if he nodded his head in agreement right now, he could head to the succubus’ palace and have some sex.

Excited? To be honest, Louie was really a bit excited. He was not a god that did not have any desires. The true gods of the world of San Soliel all possessed their own desires. Facing the Succubus Queen’s invitation to share a bed, any normal person would be excited.

‘Impressive. After discovering that her ability to charm people is not working for me, she gave up on using it and directly invited me. Truly worthy of being a succubus. This invitation is not a false temptation, but a genuine one.’

Louie felt overwhelmed. The Succubus Queen was truly worthy of even the Spider Goddess’ courting.


Louie lowered his head to take a look at his own incarnation. He now had the appearance of a ten-year-old and he would not be able to change forms anymore because he was out of divine power. It was possible that his sexual aspect was not enough.

As a demon who grasped a person’s desires, Melcanthet could naturally see through Louie’s thoughts. She knew that the god in front of her was moved.

For the Succubus Queen, it was all good as long as the other party was moved. Her worst fears would be if they were not excited.

“Giggle Giggle Giggle~~~ Your Highness Louie’s current appearance is also to my liking.”

Melcanthet giggled. Her delicate body seemed to shake. She stretched out her pink tongue and licked her lips. She placed her delicate finger on her lips in a seductive way, as if he wanted to eat Louie all up.

The Succubus Queen sat in mid-air and crossed her slender legs. Her delicate foot that had bright burgundy polish inched forward like a thorny r

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