Chapter 394 - Establishing Dragon Kingdom
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 394 - Establishing Dragon Kingdom

In Dragonblight, Louie’s true body’s eyes opened after his killing incarnation self-destructed. His dark golden pupils scanned his kingdom before finally settling on the divine darkness in one of the corners.

The Goddess of Night Shae had begun to build her own divine kingdom since attending the meeting at the Pantheon. Shae did not dare build her divine kingdom, the Realm of Darkness, to prevent other gods from finding out. Instead, she opted to build a crypt that was in line with the characteristics of a kobold. This style of divine kingdom could conceal her from other gods’ detection.

Seeing that Shae did not mess up anything else, Louie did not pay any more attention to her. He thought that before the Goddess of Night possessed a safety net, she would not make a mess of things. She would not play around with her own life.

“The Abyss…”

Louie muttered. He began to think carefully about how he c intervene in the matters of the Abyss. He did not want to keep sending his incarnations there and instead thought of how to send a large army to fight in the Abyss whenever and wherever he wanted.

There were hundreds of millions of demons in the Abyss. Every moment, demons were born and died. Fighting a war of numbers in the Abyss was meaningless. Any army sent there would eventually be drowned in the waves of demons, and as a result, forming an army of believers to invade the Abyss was foolish behavior. There was no problem if this was only once or twice, but continuously doing it would result in having no more believers.

The easiest way to eliminate them was to learn from the Terran Civilization and deploy technological weapons of mass destruction, but Louie needed to kill demons in a way that conformed to the laws of San Solielway in order to obtain the approval of the origin of order. Even if he did find high-tech weapons of the Terran Civilization, using them would not bring him the slightest benefit and instead would cause the gods to place their attention on him.

Moreover, Louie did not possess such weapons.

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