Chapter 395 -The Imperial Princess’ Request
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 395 -The Imperial Princess’ Request

In the palace of Dragon City, Alexia was sitting on the throne while discussing with the city’s internal affairs staff regarding the appointment of officials as well as various issues that needed to be dealt with after the war.

Since Dragon City had conquered Selar and Danbusil, its land area and population had increased dramatically, making Alexia, the lord, anxious and busy. She was hardly sleeping these days in dealing with official business, but fortunately, she was the child of gods. Even if she did not sleep for several months, she would still be fine.

She expressionlessly watched the officials below the throne. Humans were a race that valued power very much. Although they did not lack rationality as demons did, they were one of the most insatiable beings on the main continent.

Now that Dragon City had captured two kingdoms, these territories were like blank slates. Representatives of nobles of Dragon City, representatives of merchants, as well as some officials would do everything they could to bring benefits to their side and show off their talents to their lord.

Suddenly, Alexia’s face beamed with happiness. She frowned at those who were arguing below the throne, and with a cold and pleasant voice, she said, “Silence!”

As her words fell, the whole hall turned silent. Many officials and representatives of various forces quickly backed down to their own stands. They sneaked a glance at the elven dragon who was sitting on top of a mountain of gold and other precious jewels. Then they quickly lowered their heads to express their humility.

They were clear on who gave them power. They might have great power in Dragon City, but all this power belonged to their current lord, Alexia. Alexia only needed a single word, and they would lose everything.

This was especially true because of Alexia’s great achievement in incorporating the two kingdoms into her territory. With her achievement, her prestige increased and her words became heavier. Alexia was now able to do anything she wanted to the territories under her jurisdiction just as Louie did at the time.

“I’m tired today, everyone can go back! We can discuss anything tomorrow.”

Alexia waved her hand as if she was bored, signaling everyone to retire.

“As you wish, milady!”

Although the officials felt that it was strange that Alexia could feel tired, they did not dare disobey. The courtiers who had been fighting anxiously before bowed respectfully and left the hall in an orderly manner.

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