Chapter 391 - The Serpent of Chaos
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 391 - The Serpent of Chaos

The Abyss always had a monotonous color scheme. It did not have the splendor and beauty of the main continent, and there were even layers filled with poisonous fog, flames, mires, and other negative atmospheres. Although the territory of the Succubus Queen wasn’t as bad and was still considered habitable, nobody would call it a good environment.

The Abyss which was filled with despair was a ruined land for the living.

When Louie arrived at the 570th layer of the Abyss, a wave of lust spread all around. As far as the eye could see, succubi and incubi laughed and played, as though the whole world had gone under the influence of lust.

Louie’s arrival did not attract the demons’ attention. Then, two succubi noticed and approached him to ‘play’. If an ordinary person were to come into this layer, they would have instantly been engulfed by their lust. They would turn into true sex beast, but the characteristics of this layer were nothing in front of a true god.

With a casual wave of his hand, the two demons were instantly killed. Ordinary demons could not even make a single resistance against an incarnation of a true god. The two demons did not even know what happened. They only felt a bit of pain and lost consciousness.


Louie, who was about to walk towards the distant palace, stopped in his tracks and his face flashed with a trace of doubt.

He had just casually killed two demons, which wasn’t a big deal, but when he killed the demons, he felt pleasure from the power of order that was flowing into his godhood.

The origin of the order was feeling happy that Louie killed the demons!

Although the origin of order had no subjective consciousness, it was like an instinct inside of him. Order and chaos were opposite ends of a spectrum that would compete against each other. After Louie killed an evil demon of chaos, he seemed to have gained some sort of acknowledgment from the power of order.

This was very minimal to the point that it was negligible, but it also accelerated Louie’s ability to process the power of order.

“What’s going on here?”

For a moment, Louie did not pay care about finding trouble with Malcanthet anymore. He became more concerned about the power of order which would allow him to break free from the limitations of the world.

The immediately made a decision to find more demons as he wanted to test out whether everything that was happening was related to demons.

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