Chapter 391 - The Serpent of Chaos
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 391 - The Serpent of Chaos

The Abyss always had a monotonous color scheme. It did not have the splendor and beauty of the main continent, and there were even layers filled with poisonous fog, flames, mires, and other negative atmospheres. Although the territory of the Succubus Queen wasn’t as bad and was still considered habitable, nobody would call it a good environment.

The Abyss which was filled with despair was a ruined land for the living.

When Louie arrived at the 570th layer of the Abyss, a wave of lust spread all around. As far as the eye could see, succubi and incubi laughed and played, as though the whole world had gone under the influence of lust.

Louie’s arrival did not attract the demons’ attention. Then, two succubi noticed and approached him to ‘play’. If an ordinary person were to come into this layer, they would have instantly been engulfed by their lust. They would turn into true sex beast, but the characteristics of this layer were nothing in front of a true god.

With a casual wave of his hand, the two demons were instantly killed. Ordinary demons could not even make a single resistance against an incarnation of a true god. The two demons did not even know what happened. They only felt a bit of pain and lost consciousness.


Louie, who was about to walk towards the distant palace, stopped in his tracks and his face flashed with a trace of doubt.

He had just casually killed two demons, which wasn’t a big deal, but when he killed the demons, he felt pleasure from the power of order that was flowing into his godhood.

The origin of the order was feeling happy that Louie killed the demons!

Although the origin of order had no subjective consciousness, it was like an instinct inside of him. Order and chaos were opposite ends of a spectrum that would compete against each other. After Louie killed an evil demon of chaos, he seemed to have gained some sort of acknowledgment from the power of order.

This was very minimal to the point that it was negligible, but it also accelerated Louie’s ability to process the power of order.

“What’s going on here?”

For a moment, Louie did not pay care about finding trouble with Malcanthet anymore. He became more concerned about the power of order which would allow him to break free from the limitations of the world.

The immediately made a decision to find more demons as he wanted to test out whether everything that was happening was related to demons.

The Abyss might have lacked a lot of things, but it would never lack demons. Soon, Louie could make out a few shadow demons playing around with some succubi.

After these demons saw Louie and felt his divine presence, their expression was not only filled with terror but also crazed passion. Other races would be afraid and beg for mercy when meeting a god, but demons were an exception.

Who knew if this was an advantage or a disadvantage for demons? Even if demons encountered their natural enemy, they would still bravely charge ahead for the kill. They only groveled in front of abyssal lords as they had been bestowed power by the Will of the Abyss. But otherwise, even gods could not make demons beg for mercy.

The only way to enslave demons was to use spells and forced enslavement methods. It was impossible to subdue a demon’s heart and soul.

Only demon lords would plea for mercy as they were more sensible than these lesser demons.

These shadow demons and succubi were intimidated by the god that appeared in front of them, but after recognizing that Louie was an enemy, they hissed and lunged at Louie with their sharp claws and weapons.

Demons were powerful creatures. Even these lesser shadow demons and lesser succubi were at least ranked 4 in strength. On the main continent, they could even become elite soldiers.

But Louie only needed to glare at them to kill them.

“Sure enough, this feeling is not an illusion. I can clearly make out the pleasure.”

The corners of Louie’s mouth could not help but rise. That feeling of being acknowledged by the origin of order, the Serpent of Order, made him feel very comfortable.

After enjoying this feeling, Louie had a deep thought as to why killing demons made him feel this way.

‘Although demons are chaotic species, the power of order should be at a higher level of existence. This should be like a powerhouse killing an ant by the roadside. How can this even be pleasurable? Only by killing someone on the same level would it be exciting.’

“Demon… Abyss… could it be… the Will of the Abyss?”

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Louie had a sudden thought. The Will of the Abyss was something that seemed to exist but at the same time didn’t exist. Even the gods did not know what the Will of the Abyss actually was. The Will of the Abyss was not subjective, that was to say that it was not a living thing that could think. It only performed tasks according to its instincts as part of the chaos and was more like the Abyss itself.

Every demon’s promotion was actually a gift from the Will of the Abyss. The promotion of a demon into a demon lord, or a demon lord into a demon prince was actually the Will of the Abyss recognizing and taking joy at the deeds of these demons.

‘Could it be that the Will of the Abyss is the Serpent of Chaos? The half of the serpent that symbolizes chaos?’

Louie gradually formed a guess. If the Will of the Abyss was one form of the Serpent of Chaos, then it would make sense that the power of order felt joy in killing demons.

Every demon was tainted with the power of the Abyss. No matter how tiny it was, it still belonged to the Serpent of Chaos. By killing them, it was causing resonance with the Serpent of Order.

‘If the Will of the Abyss is truly related to the Serpent of Chaos, then could the symbol of orderly evil be the Nine Hells of Baator?’

Louie thought of the twin serpents of creation. He had seen the origin itself. On the side of order, the portion of orderly evil was missing and only orderly good existed. But because Louie had not yet even finished comprehending the orderly good, he did not even pay attention to where the evil part ran off to.

He had intended to fully grasp the orderly good side before looking for the other half. Only when good and evil were balanced could he become the true Serpent of Order. Naturally, finding it in advance was still the best.

‘When I have free time later, I have to visit Hell to see if it is related to the Serpent of Order. The part of the Serpent of Order within me is the exact opposite of the chaotic evil of the Abyss, so it might be causing a resonance. If I go to Hell, killing a devil should not cause any resonance with the Serpent of Order.’

Devils were creatures that belonged to order just like Louie. Only demons belonged to the chaotic evil.

Louie once again looked at the Succubus Queen’s palace. He immediately did not have any plans to go in and find trouble with the Succubus Queen. It would be better if he killed the powerful demons in this layer of the Abyss. This would not only weaken the Succubus Queen’s forces, but it would also weaken her. At the same time, he could also gain more understanding of the power of order. This was simply killing two birds with one stone.

Turning around, Louie began to identify targets for extermination. His current incarnation was that of killing, so it was the most suitable for killing.

The demons inside the Succubus Queen’s palace were powerful demon nobles, but that was only a portion of the powerful demons. Some powerful demons lived in various places around the layer. If Louie charged into the Succubus Queen’s palace in the Abyss, the Succubus Queen would be like a virtual god. With the addition of being attacked by other powerful demons, Louie’s incarnation would not be a match.

So, it was better to go kill other powerful demons in the layer.

Louie’s killing intent rose up. The powerful demons in the 570th layer of the Abyss were simply unlucky. Louie’s avatar of killing was like a ghost as it traversed through the entire layer. No matter what methods normal demons had, they were useless against a god. Louie was like a god of killing as he assassinated one powerful demon after another.

Killing low-level demons was simply a waste of divine power, so Louie ignored them. He looked for those who were at least at the level of a rank 8 powerhouse.

Those inside the palace were powerful succubi, while those living in other parts of the layer were powerful demons summoned by the Succubus Queen. This time, these demons encountered misfortune as they became Louie’s targets and died without being able to escape.

At this moment, Melcanthet was lying on her throne while dozens of beautiful succubi served her. These succubi lustfully gazed at their queen. Their eyes contained endless temptation that made them willingly give their loyalty.

“Giggle Giggle Giggle~~~”

Melcanthetlet out a charming smile and laughed freely. She loved this feeling the most. She often felt immense self-satisfaction with her own beauty.

Her snow-white arms propped up her head as an obscene and deprave air filled the palace. Melcanthet suddenly became lazy and even forgot about the god that was eyeing her.

In her own territory, she was not afraid of anyone. She did not even have a sense of crisis, showing how corrupted she was as a demon.

When she shot a glance at a random place, a succubus immediately fell limp and trembled as she created water stains on the palace floor. The strange smell of the liquid diffused in the air. Seeing this, the queen laughed out loud.


Queen Melcanthet, who was enjoying herself, suddenly looked aghast. She sat up from her throne and her face turned blue as she let out a wonderful scream, “How dare you do this, God?!”

Her voice was angry and frightened.

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