Chapter 390 - Succubus Queen’s Desire
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 390 - Succubus Queen’s Desire

Melcanthet did not start out as the Queen of Succubi. As a matter of fact, she was not even one of the original succubi in the world but belonged to the second generation of succubus.

The Bottomless Abyss experienced a huge historical change at one point. Simply put, the current race of demons was collectively known as Tanari. “Tanari” had the same meaning as demons for the inhabitants of the Abyss. Every famous race within the Abyss from the famous Succubi, Infernals, and so on was part of this race.

But the Tanari were newcomers. Prior to them, the rulers of the Bottomless Abyss were known as the Obris. The Tanari had initially started out as their servants.

The Obris were very powerful, but because of their power, their ambitions ran out of control. They even attempted to escape from the Bottomless Abyss and rule over the entire Crystal Wall System, which was tantamount to becoming the enemy of the gods.

The rulers of the world had always been the gods. The Obris’ attempt to challenge the authority of the gods, naturally ended in failure. Demons were a race that performed betrayals without any care. As a result, the Tanari betrayed the Obris and raised banners of rebellion. Facing the wrath of the gods on the outside and the betrayal of the Tanari from within, the powerful Obris were almost completely extinguished. At the same time, the Bottomless Abyss gained new masters.

In the beginning, the Queen of Succubi was named Loramas. She was the first generation succubus and one of the upper-rank demons at that time. Melcanthet was only her maid.

Normally, it was impossible for Melcanthet to replace Loramas as the Queen of Succubi.

However, the invasion of the Terran Civilization changed the history of the world. In the face of their attack, numbers had no meaning. Demons of the Bottomless Abyss were almost completely purged. The former Succubus Queen Loramas also died in the hands of this alien civilization.

Melcanthet was lucky enough to survive. When the whole Bottomless Abyss was recuperating, she managed to recover and rise to power after killing off all the remaining succubi of the first generation.

However, she had not been the succubus queen for long enough to convince everyone. Although the majority of succubi had recognized her as the new queen, a portion still remained antagonistic towards her and wanted to drive her off the throne.

For example, Shami was a powerful succubus who contended with her for the title of queen. There was also the Incubus Lord Granzeth who had ambitions to unite the Tanari.

Other than these internal competitors, external demon lords were also eyeing the succubi. Demons had a great desire for power and great ambition. In their internal power struggles, those external demon lords, especially those who were close to Melcanthet’s territory desired to enslave the entire succubus race.

It could be said that her rule was incredibly unstable. Even someone as cunning as her was quite troubled.

As a result, Melcanthet gazed at the main continent. She wanted to plunder enough quality souls to fill her army and ward off the hands of other demon lords. After seeing Alexia’s nearly flawless soul, she even ignored the hostility of the Dragon God and the Silver Moon Goddess.

But now, not only did she not get Alexia’s soul, she had attracted the anger of a vengeful god. She not only had to face the swords of demons but also face the wrath of the gods. Her situation was extremely precarious.

The only thing that was fortunate about this was that unless there were huge benefits, gods would never work together with demons. Gods still despised demons to their bones.

If the Dragon God truly cooperated with other demon lords, Melcanthet knew that all she could do was throw her hands up in surrender and let her body be used by the gods and demon lords for fun.

At this moment, she still had a chance.

“There is nothing to fear about a divine incarnation. In my domain, I should be able to defeat him.”

Although saying so, Melcanthet had an ugly expression. The existences known as gods were too incomprehensible. Even the weakest of incarnations had the power of a demon lord who had been powered up by the Abyss. And gods had even more complex and diverse abilities.

At this moment, the Dragon God still had low-tier divine power, but once he reached mid-tier divine power, his incarnation would be far more dangerous. If a god was determined to send an incarnation from time to time to go massacre demons, no demon would be able to withstand their assault.

Even if a god lost its incarnation, it would not hurt them at all, but in a demon lord's territory, every death of a powerful demon was a huge loss. When the demon lord’s territory lost too many forces, let alone the gods, other demon lords would also attack and take some land.

The more territory a demon lord gained, the stronger they became. THus expansion became all demon lords’ goal.

Melcanthet now regretted provoking Louie, but that was how demons were. Their chaotic nature would drive them into careless madness. If she could always keep her sanity, she would probably not be a demon.

The 570th level of the Abyss was a filthy mess. Succubi were demons that were full of desire, especially lesser succubi who couldn’t control their desires. In the entire layer, incubi and succubi mated with other kinds of demons. If a paladin came here, they would probably curse out loud and die from vomiting blood.

As the Queen of Succubi, Melcanthet was the embodiment of lust and love. Before she obtained the title, she was only an upper-rank succubus. Compared to those lesser succubi who freely indulged, upper-rank succubi were more reserved. Although they did not have ethical and moral values, they still considered their bodies as precious objects and would only choose to give themselves to the strong.

Demon nobles simply look down on weak creatures.

When Melcanthet became the queen, she burned with the fire of love and lust. In the past, she only cared about her beauty that could even charm herself, but now, she wanted to release the never-ending fire of lust in her heart.

As a succubus, it was impossible for her to abstain from sex, but as the queen, she could never go find a weak demon or a mortal. The bodies of succubi were their weapons. Melcanthet wanted to enlist a powerful demon that could not only suppress the flames of her lust but also provide powerful support in battle. That way, she could firmly sit on the throne as the queen.

However, demons were temperamental. They cared most about their own strength and ambition. They did not care about affairs between men and women, so Melcanthet did not dare to find a random demon lord to serve.

She did not care about becoming someone else's lover, but she wanted to gain sufficient benefits. On the other hand, demons did not trust each other’s promises. If she had chosen the wrong person to serve, then she would become the medium through which her lover would interfere with the affair of the succubi.

“If only there was a demon prince in the Abyss right now.”

Melcanthet secretly sighed. As the spokesman of the Abyss, a demon prince had power over all abyssal lords, which was enough to make many demon lords subservient.

If there was truly a demon prince, then Melcanthet would give her all to charm them. As long as she could gain their support, she would be able to stand firmly. Even if she was just treated as a concubine, she would be able to use the authority of the demon prince to improve her position.

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Succubi were different from other demons. They cared more about their physical desires, but because they were still demons, they also desired power.

Unfortunately, the one powerful demon prince also fell. Now that the Abyss had finished recuperating, demon lords were running rampant and waging wars in order to gain the title of demon prince.

At this moment, every abyssal lord had the possibility of becoming a demon prince.

Apart from the demon prince, she had another option and that was a true god.

True gods were more powerful than the demon prince and true gods only focused on their own divine kingdoms and did not interfere with matters of the Abyss. If she could please a true god and gain their support, then Melcanthet would be able to enjoy many benefits. Gods did not care about the abyss, and this applied to even the gods of the chaotic evil faction. They would only place their divine kingdoms in the Abyss but did not have any interest in conquering the lands around them.

However, charming a god was easier said than done. This was because true gods did not care about any race. In their point of view, demons were all inferior creatures. Moreover, true gods had a hard time exercising their true power in the Abyss, so it would be difficult for them to help.

Melcanthet was caught in a dilemma. She possessed the ultimate beauty and body, but she had nowhere to use it as she could not find someone suitable to make her willing to give it away.

“Ahhhhh—- I should find a way to solve the current crisis first.”

Malcanthet let out a screech as her heart burned with flames. She stepped into her palace. Its halls were extremely extravagant and obscene. Those who could enter its halls were all Melcanthet’s subordinates and upper-rank succubi. Compared to other places, this place continued an extravagant lifestyle of decadent and degenerate aristocrats.

The succubi saw that their queen had an unpleasant expression, so no one dared to provoke her. Melcanthet’s body swayed as she lay down on her throne. Her maids bent their knees and came forward to serve her to the fullest.

At this moment, Louie’s killing incarnation had crossed hundreds of layers of the Bottomless Abyss and reached the 570th layer, also known as Shendilavri.

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