Chapter 118 - Information On the Goddess of Night - Shae!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 118 - Information On the Goddess of Night - Shae!

The once haughty Queen of Calamity now revealed an undisguised panic. Her head scanned the surroundings and her pupils dilated in shock as she searched for her ‘body’.

But there was nothing at all. In the middle of the huge pit, there was nothing else apart from her shadowy self and the three ‘humble’ living creatures in front of her. Her fleshly body had disappeared.

She fiercely glared at Louie, opened her mouth, bared her sharp teeth, and roared furiously, “It’s you! You sniveling nameless dragon, you stole my body! You think you can defeat Noella Nys Gein just like this!”

Raging, she released wave upon wave of malice at the intruders. The negative emotion crept into the crevices in the valley’s walls and corroded the stone into gray hissing liquid.

“Shut up, you arrogant bitch! Desecrator of our ancestral glory!”

Louie’s face sank. He began to release divine power from the godhood and combined the divine authority of ‘dreams’ and ‘magic’ into his own might. Upon finishing, it interrupted the female dragon’s roar and froze the space surrounding them.

Noella shifted a little as she showed a look of uncertainty. She subconsciously retreated a few meters.

There were some powerful mortals, powerful enough to cause even some weak Gods to back away in fear. But as Gods, as the pinnacle of the world, their true essence was beyond everything. The divine power that Louie released held signs of one. Even if it was only a trace, it contained power that was beyond mortals.

Louie knew that he could not let the female dragon continue to run wild, else he would not be able to show his face anymore.

Over the past few months, he had thought over how he would act upon encountering a big shot. He even simulated what he would do when he accidentally smashed his own feet with a rock. Fortunately, the big shot in front of him wasn’t at full power. Her current appearance might be problematic, but she didn’t have the same strength as in her heyday.

‘I was wondering where her body went. Even if she turned into a shadow dragon, it was impossible for her to simply abandon her body. It seems that she had indeed received serious injuries and used an unknown method to separate her soul and her body. Afterward, her soul went into a deep sleep for a thousand years. She only woke up by chance because of my arrival, but her body has somehow disappeared.

Louie secretly thought of this but was quite glad.

A dragon’s body shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, a large part of their combat power lay in their physical attacks. Losing their bodies would drastically cut down their lethality.

The Queen of Calamity should be in a better position. She was a legendary mage before, so even if she lost her body, she probably still retains about half of her combat power.

Facing against a legendary mage that was a bit special, Louie believed that his divine power was more than enough to handle her.

Sisna and Lysfer were also experienced in combat. They immediately figured out that the Queen of Calamity was a tiger that had lost its fangs. This allowed them to suppress most of the fear that came from their imaginations.

Noella could tell from Louie’s expression that he wasn’t related to her missing body at all. Although she detested others of the same race, she still understood their temperament. Dragons wouldn’t straight up tell lies, but something about the dragon before her made her hesitate to hold that asumption.

‘However, where did my body go? It should be healing under the powers of the shadow energy in the Shadow Realm. Don’t tell me that it could still run away by itself?’

Noella was full of doubts.

Suddenly, she thought of something and furiously roared, “Damned Shae and that lich! How dare you deceive me!!!”

‘Shae? Lich?’

Noella’s angry words stunned Louie.

He knew what a lich was. They were undead creatures that were originally powerful mages. In order to live long lives, powerful mages transformed themselves into undead creatures. Liches had lost many human emotions and were regarded as a symbol of evil.

As for the name Shae...

“The Goddess of Night!”

Louie blurted out.

That’s right. The Goddess of the Night’s real name was Shae!

After learning all aspects of history, Louie knew that the Gods hadn’t shown their presence in the years after the Era of Disaster. The fact that they weren’t able to perform any miracles meant that they were in a bad state, otherwise, their glory would be sprinkled all over the world of San Soliel.

Even when Louie lit up the divine authority of magic, he had received the attention of the Goddess of Magic, but that was all it did. The Goddess neither personally came to kill him nor was there any other reaction. This meant that the Goddess of Magic was currently helpless to do anything to him.

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Louie did not know what the exact situation of the Gods was like, but after hearing the word ‘Shae’ come out of Noella’s mouth, he understood that she had met Shae a thousand years ago. This meant that Shae was able to appear on the main continent, but was unable to grant miracles, making her state open to question.

‘The Queen of Calamity chose to enter the Shadow Realm to recuperate after being seriously injured. This means that she is quite familiar with this place, and the Goddess of Night’s kingdom likely also exists in the Shadow Realm. This female dragon probably knows where it is!’

Louie’s greed was set ablaze. He looked at the shadowy dragon in front of him with an unconcealed desire.

It was highly likely that Shae’s kingdom was in the Shadow Realm. As one of the strongest Gods, the Goddess of Night was also nicknamed ‘Lost Lady’. She possesses countless secrets, and her divine kingdom definitely had incredible good things in it.

If Shae’s divine kingdom was still powerful, then Louie wouldn’t dare covet it. Even if the fallen Five-colored Dragon God dared to intrude upon that place operated by the Goddess of Night, he would still have to pay a price. But if it was a ruined kingdom, then the people who prayed and swore allegiance to Shae would no longer be there. Without the people’s support, the kingdom was bound to die out and lose all its defense mechanisms.

If that was the case, the divine kingdom would be undefended and easy to break into.

‘Perhaps I can even see the Goddess of Night there. Whether it's her real body or avatar, the fact that she does not dare enter the main continent easily means that she may not be as strong as me now. If that’s the case, I can capture myself a Goddess.’

Louie was currently full of forbidden and blasphemous ideas. He began to fantasize about taking that powerful Goddess of Night.

‘But first, we need to subdue this rascal!’

Originally he wished to settle things peacefully if possible. But now, with so many possibilities before him and the chance to greatly accelerate the pace of his plans, Louie instantly transformed into a giant dragon.

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