Chapter 117 - Queen of Calamity? More like the Queen of Pregnancy!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 117 - Queen of Calamity? More like the Queen of Pregnancy!

The writhing black mass of shadow energy opened its eyes. A wave of draconic might was released in all directions as it revealed its slit pupils.

Louie quickly stepped forward, preventing most of it from reaching Sisna and Lysfer.

Although the former was a legendary powerhouse and the latter was a ninth rank warrior, the enemy’s presence alone was enough to cause them to lose all fighting power. And even if they could still put up a fight, it would still hamper their effectiveness as warriors.

“You have disturbed this dragon’s slumber, foolish adventurers. No, there is also an idiot of my kind.”

The shadow dragon slowly opened its maw and let out a hoarse yet pleasant voice.

The voice carried arrogance and pride, like a queen sitting on the throne and looking down on worms.

But only Louie felt that it sounded good. Both Sisna and Lysfer were pale. They couldn’t focus on the voice at all as the remnants of the dragon’s majestic aura pressured them.

Those contemptuous words that looked down on everything were not bluffs, but the true perspectives of a legendary powerhouse with thousands of years of history.

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“Queen of Calamity, Noella Nys Gein?”

Louie’s expression remained calm as he looked at the thousand-meter deep pit and the forty-meter-long dragon. Her body was covered with countless shadows that acted like a mist and made her body seem almost illusory. Moreover, the negative energy coming from her body would sap the spirits of any lesser creature.

Louie might have looked calm on the surface, but within, his muscles were tensed to the extreme. He mentally prepared himself for a transformation into his demigod state.

His golden pupils flashed with amazement. As a dragon, he had the ability to see the beauty and ugliness of all creatures. Naturally, this included those of his own race.

‘Damn, she’s pretty hot. Although her soul is in a shadow-like state she’s still almost too good to look at... That graceful neck, those sharp teeth, those knife-like claws, and that beautiful tail… Her contemptuous expression and arrogant words weren’t because she was a dragon, but because of her majesty as a queen.’

‘I want to bite the back of her neck, press down her body, and make her lay eggs for me!’

This sudden thought startled Louie. He quickly shook his head and felt terrified at a dragon’s instinct. He was surprised that he could still think of this even in such a tense moment.

“Oh? You still dare to approach me even if you know my name? I have to praise you.”

The shadow dragon suddenly floated up as if she wasn’t used to looking up at others. The magic runes on the ground went out one by one, causing most of the black shadows covering her body to dissipate.

She did not use any spells nor move her shadow wings. She just levitated in mid-air and instantly climbed up the thousand-meter cliff. She floated in the sky and stared at Louie with disgust.

“I am a calamity. I am the Crimson Calamity. Your courage is worthy of admiration. Sadly, it will spell your demise. Cower fools, before the Queen of Calamity, Noella Nys Gein! Hahahahahahahaha!”

She laughed out loud and gazed maliciously at Louie. Her face seemed to make a disgusted expression, “Although I can’t tell what kind of dragon you are, it doesn’t matter. Soon, I will let you feel the grief of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth. I will watch you despair as you give birth to dragon beasts, watch you as your pride and honor be completely and viciously crushed!”

“And I will lead your children into the main continent once more and sound my crimson trumpets!”

Louie didn’t know how to curse at her for a moment.

‘Are you really the Queen of Calamity and not the Queen of Pregnancy? You could actually say such things as laying eggs and giving birth with a completely serious look.’

At this moment, Louie found a difference between the Queen of Calamity and other dragons. She seemed to be proud of her own identity as a dragon, but she was disgusted with other dragons. This view was quite contradictory, and she didn’t have any honor of a normal dragon at all.

Louie immediately raised his head and snickered, “The Queen of Calamity? Just look at your ugly appearance. You have lost any semblance of glory. You are the shame of dragons. Your greed and fear of death have made you turn yourself into a shadow dragon. All dragons would spit on your memory, and your name will forever be purged from our glorious history!”

Louie’s words seemed to poke at the most sensitive nerves of Noella. She became furious. Her might seemed to congeal into a physical substance, causing the air to tremble. Her eyes revealed a primal hunger.

“Dragon’s glory? Laughable. The only glory that you group of cynics know of is how to sleep in a stinking cave. You lie in slumber and wait for death like the pitiful reptiles you are! You don’t even know where the greatness of dragons went! Oh Dragon God in heaven, why did you have to make these ugly bastards!”

“I will sew up those wandering eyes of yours, filthy creature. You male dragons’ desires are like dirt in the sewers. Other than reproduction, you guys don’t have any other thoughts! You are all stupid! Hahahahahahaha. I have decided. I will gouge out your eyes, tear your wings, cut off your tail, chop off your head, and hang you at the gates of a human city for all to see your corpse!”

Noella hissed and growled, but her nice voice could be heard through the belly of the mountain.

Although Louie called her ugly, he wasn’t being honest. She was a total looker.

From a human’s point of view, the shadow that constitutes her body was too strange, but from a dragon’s point of view, her appearance was enough to make any dragon excited.


‘Could this female dragon have some kind of childhood trauma? She seemed to be quite disgusted with dragons, especially male dragons.’

Louie wondered.

“The elf and beastman are your slaves right! Hahahah! I, the Queen of Calamity will give you mercy and send your slaves to the Underworld with you. Be grateful to me that you can enjoy their service in the underworld!”

Noella laughed. A magical rune appeared on her body, and Louie instantly knew that she was about to attack.

But other than increasing in amount and growing brighter, nothing else happened.

After a while, the Queen of Calamity let out a panicked roar, “

“What! Where is my body?? Where did my body go??”

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