Chapter 119 - Blasphemer Louie
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 119 - Blasphemer Louie

Louie’s body ballooned into his golden dragon form. With no delay, he had tapped into his divine power and transformed into a full-fledged demigod dragon.

However, limited by the space within the cavern, he chose not to grow to his full size. Rather he only reached a length of about 70 meters.

Because she had lost her body, Noella gazed at Louie with a crazed look as he changed forms. She could feel the divine power and dragon’s emanating from him.

“Demigod dragon? No, a demigod primordial dragon!”

She shouted with unbridled astonishment.

Ordinarily, she should have detected his divinity beforehand, but for some reason, she had completely failed to do so.

Of course, she was unaware that Louie was a “fake” demigod who did not possess any inherent divinity. He was likely the only such ‘demigod’ in the entire world.

The standard path was to obtain divinity before grasping a divine authority. Following this, the individual would condense their divine authority into a form of godhood. Louie on the other hand had skipped the first two steps and directly obtained the last one.

Her curiosity was quickly cut short by the sensation of his jaws sinking into her body

Despite the element of surprise, Louie found that he did no damage to the Queen of Calamity. Rather his teeth seemed to phase through her and clash against one another.

“Ahahahahah! Idiot. I am a shadow dragon now, do you think you can bite shadows with your teeth.” Noella mocked.

But Louie was not furious. He himself knew that his combat experience and his knowledge of the various races in this world was quite lacking. He needed to learn these things slowly, and he had only lived in San Soliel for about three months.

At this time, Noella began to gesture with her claws. She pointed at Louie, and the shadow energy surrounding her congealed into a black spear.

“[Shadow Conjuration]”

The conjured weapon shot towards Louie but met a slap of his claws before shattering into fragments.

The magic, [Shadow Conjuration] was a three-ring spell that used the power of shadow energy to imitate other spells of its class. In this case, it was an imitation of another three-ringed spell called [Acid Arrow]

Noella sneered at this and fired off her real offensive. Black tendrils crept from the walls and merged together to form a massive hand. It was the five-ring spell, [Advanced Shadow Tentacle]!

Louie felt the shadow energy pull at him in a bid to corrode his body, but with just a thought, the azure scales on his body flashed, canceling out its effects.

“[Spell Counter]?”

Noella was stumped and almost thought her eyes were deceiving her. As a legendary mage, how wasn’t she able to tell what energy Louie just used?

She didn’t know that this was the power of the divine authority of magic. If other Gods faced spells from mages, they might have countless ways to counteract the effects of the spells, but only the God of Magic was immune to spells below the legendary rank!

Even if Louie only had a small part of the divine authority, it was ultimately the divine authority of magic. This was the essential difference.

“I was wondering why there is a primordial dragon in this era. Now, I finally understood after seeing your appearance…”

Noella took a deep breath and let out an angry roar, “You blasphemer and traitor! All primordial dragons and the Dragon God should have fallen during the ‘Era of Disaster’ a long time ago. You must have hidden like a coward and then stolen the wealth of the Dragon God!”

She glared at Louie’s two heads. For dragons, Louie’s current evolutionary path was definitely in the direction of the Dragon God. Moreover, he was still a demigod as it was clear to see.

“Blasphemer! How dare you try to steal the throne of the Dragon God! The dragons will never allow it!”

Hearing Noella’s roar, Louie just grinned.

He didn’t expect that the Queen of Calamity was this much of a ‘fan’ of the Dragon God...

‘It’s a pity that the Dragon God you believe in will never be able to return. I, on the other hand, will inherit his authority!’

Louie laughed and said, “Then we are both in the same boat, traitors of a dragon’s glory!”

He then took a deep breath. Incredible energy emerged from his body. The golden neck hidden by azure scales lit up, and he sprayed out a dragon breath -- [Magical Dragon Breath].

This was not so much a dragon breath but a complete tidal wave of magic power. It was as if magic power had been turned into a pure torrent and gushed out.

Noella was shocked and quickly activated her long-prepared delayed spell. A prison of shadow energy appeared around her. This was the seven-ring magic, [Magic Prison].

But this defensive spell couldn’t stop the dragon breath created by the divine authority of magic. The huge torrent of magic power clashed with the magic prison, but the prison only lasted for a moment before the dragon's breath broke it and burned Noella’s body.


The Queen of Calamity let out a painful and harsh roar. Her shadow body was scattered under it.

‘It seems that while her shadow form grants her immunity to physical attacks, it also prevents her from using them.’

‘And because she doesn’t have the dragon’s most important scales, she also has very low magic resistance. That’s why my magical dragon breath caused her great damage.’

‘The spells she is using are all shadow-related. Even the [Magic Prison] she used was only mimicked with the spell [Advanced Shadow Shaping]. It is very likely that she has lost all ability to cast magic and can only use shadow spells!’

Louie’s mind quickly turned as he appraised his opponent’s weaknesses.

“Sisna, Lysfer, attack with me. Let’s tame this Queen of Calamity!”

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Louie commanded.

Since they were his own subordinates, Louie would obviously not fight alone. If he could fight in a group, then he would do so. Perhaps in her heyday, the Queen of Calamity could defeat a legendary rank ranger let alone a ninth rank warrior, but now, they were both enough to push her back.

This female dragon seemed to only be bluffing!

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