Chapter 120 - Magic Break!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 120 - Magic Break!

Hearing Louie’s orders, Sisna silently nodded her head while Lysfer was already eager to go in.

The two of them had already noticed that the Queen of Calamity was in a bad state. They had previously guessed that she still had more than half of her strength, but this was an overestimation. After losing her body, Noella was left incapable of using most of her spells. Moreover, this was not her magic tower!

The Queen of Calamity was furious when she sensed Lysfer’s and Sisna’s movements. She was heavily injured from Louie’s earlier attack, but she could still suppress the wounds temporarily.

In her opinion, this blasphemous cowardly primordial dragon was at least a demigod. There was nothing wrong if she lost to him, but she could not accept the fact that these two dared to raise their weapons at her.

“You insects, how dare you bear your fangs at me!”

Noella was enraged. She raised her head and once again began to cast a curse in the dragons’ language. Afterward, Louie could feel the aura of death thicken around the Queen of Calamity, and tens of undead creatures rose up from the ground.

These undead include evil spirits, ghosts, bound spirits, and many others. Among them, the strongest was at the seventh level while the others were at the fifth to sixth rank.

This was the necromancy, [Summon Higher Undead].

Moreover, the undead that the Queen of Calamity summoned were far more numerous and powerful than what an average mage could summon. The small group of undead alone was already enough to eliminate an army of hundreds of people.

If the Queen of Calamity used this spell several times in a row, she might not be able to cause an undead apocalypse, but she could create a legion that could destroy a small country.

‘It seems that my prediction was wrong. In addition to shadow-type spells, she can also use necromancies, but there’s something fishy about it. That spell should only be able to create two seventh rank undead, but how could her spell summon so many powerful ones? This is beyond the scope of mortal ability unless the Queen of Calamity possesses the divinity of death…’

Louie thought for a bit and recalled that the Queen of Calamity said that Shae and a lich deceived her. Perhaps her necromantic spells were related to the lich.

Facing this small legion of undead, Lysfer and Sisna were also startled, but the wolf girl slowly pulled two blades from behind and licked the blade.

“Ha! If it was a team of adventurers of this level, I might not be able to deal with them well, but if it’s just undead summoned with spells, then they have met their match!”

Saying this, Lysfer swung her body and became a shadow that suddenly appeared behind a ghost. With a swing of her blades, the ghost was split into two. It sizzled and howled before finally disappearing.

“Spellthief’s Scimitar? This legendary weapon is in your hands?”

With her knowledge, Noella quickly recognized the blade in Lysfer’s hands.

This legendary weapon was crafted by a dwarven master. It was the nemesis of spellcasters and could cut apart magic. It was once wielded by a legendary rank assassin that was famously known for being a mage’s nightmare.

At that moment, Sisna also untied the white longbow behind her back. She bowed her head and prayed to the longbow.

“I have sworn vengeance, death will follow.”

“Let my enemies perish!”

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With her prayer, the Queen of Calamity felt a chill come over her body. She felt as if the bow and arrow were locked onto her.

“The Elf’s Oath of Vengeance!”

Noella gazed at the bow and arrow and let out a hoarse voice.

This bow was crafted by an elven master smith who had filled it with all the hatred of the elves. When used, it would lock onto the enemy and each shot carried powerful magical energy that dealt heavy damage to enemies.

Unless its target died or seven days passed, every arrow would chase after the enemy. Facing against other enemies, it was just a normal longbow. It could be said to be a specialized single target weapon.

Most legendary weapons were actually magical weapons that many could make. The reason they obtained legendary rank stemmed from their close association with legendary figures. Their legendary status ‘bled’ into these weapons, raising their natural ranks.

Louie did not recognize these legendary weapons, but from their use and Noella’s reactions, he could tell that they were impressive.

‘That’s good. I don’t even have to bestow them any weapons,’ he thought.

Sisna remained silent. Her green hair danced with a silvery glow. She concentrated, raised the bow, and drew an arrow. With a natural aura, the emerald-colored projectile shot straight out.

The Queen of Calamity tried to dodge, but her huge frame and the arrow’s homing abilities meant it was a futile effort. And the green projectile plunged into her incorporeal body, scattering some of its shadows.

“You insects! How dare you hurt me!” She howled.

Noella shouted in anger. At the same time, Sisna displayed her true abilities as a ranger. She climbed up the walls using the cracks on them with an acrobatic finesse. All the while she continued to bury arrows into Noella’s form.

At this time, Lysfer relied on her scimitar and combat experience to hold back the undead. Louie had decided to stop hesitating. He drew deeply from his divine power and the divine authority of magic. An azure field that glowed with starlight quickly expanded.

Louie pointed his claws at the Queen of Calamity, “Magic Break!”



With that, the numerous protective spells that Noella had set up shattered.

Hearing the explosive sound, Louie was startled. He felt that mages were such cheats. Noella had actually placed so many defensive spells around her. If normal legendary mages wanted to break every one of these spells, they would have to tire themselves out. Luckily, Louie had the divine authority of magic that destroyed all spells below the legendary rank.

‘Noella shouldn’t be able to use these legendary rank defensive spells. If my guess is correct, she should only be able to use necromancies and shadow spells. Even if she had magic tools, they should have already been used in the battle a thousand years ago.

Thinking about this, Louie’s eyes burned with greed. The Queen of Calamity in front of her was completely stripped naked. It was just a matter of time before he could take off her underwear and tame her.

He raised his heads and combined his Magical Dragon Breath and Emerald Dragon Breath. The golden flames that glowed with emerald and azure frightened the Queen of Calamity and instantly filled the deep pit!

‘Since you are extremely resistant to physical attacks, let’s see how well you do with magic ones!’

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